Food that Talks To You

Good Morning to you!  How wonderful it is to wake up feeling well slept, well rested, and elated from the laughter of precious family time!  I hope you too have at the very least woken today with even one of those factors in your morning.

As food (breakfast) is next on my agenda, today I wanted to devote this blog to the non verbal communication that food has to indicate their specific therapeutic actions in your body.  This phenomenon is known as the doctrine of signatures and as the chart below shows, this is a unique way to match certain foods to focus on in health conditions.

This is reasonably easy to assess when looking at foods, basically the doctrine of signatures which dates back to Paracelsus (1491-1541) - basically if the food looks like it resembles the shape or look of a body part, it possesses nutrients and naturally occurring chemicals that assist with the health in that part.  Lets check out a few:
Food                                         Body Part                            Contributing Nutrients/Signature
Walnuts                                       Brain                                        Rich in omega fatty acids, helps with neurotransmitter production
Carrots  (sliced)                         Eyes                                         Contains beta carotene, bioflavonoids and fat soluble vitamins for eye health
Mushrooms                                 Ears                                         Shaped just like an ear - high in B vitamins and protein for ear health
Figs                                               Testicles                                  Hangs in pairs of two, helps with sperm motility
Avocado/Pear/Eggplant          Uterus/Cervix                        Plant chemicals that nourish cervical/uterine tissue
Celery/Bok choy/Rhubarb      Bones                                       Bones are 23% sodium, as is celery
Tomato                                        Heart                                        Has chambers just like the heart, full of cardiac nutrients
Sweet potato                               Pancreas                                  Helps to balance impaired blood glucose levels
Olives                                            Ovaries                                    High in protective bioflavonoids and healthy fats
Grapes                                          Heart/Lungs                           Contains lung and heart friendly oils and catechins
The doctrine of signatures also covers the herbal medicine world, taking into account where certain herbs grow and their active components - such as Arnica which is grown in rough rocky terrain - the very areas a sprained ankle that Arnica is used for - could occur.
So the next time you shop for your weekly groceries, consider this - if the content of your trolley is predominantly boxed, bagged or packaged - its very hard to hear the food talking to you - consider these potentially highly processed foods as muted, non communicative and unmatched to your organs, tissues and cells.  And no, those lip and teeth shaped confectionary items are NOT an example of doctrine of signatures!
Remember - if it doesn't talk - let it walk...

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