Have You Found Your Inner Child?

Good chilly Saturday morning!

First I wanted to wish all you amazing mums a very happy and restful Mother’s Day for tomorrow.

The title of this blog is mostly for you.

Being a Mum often means putting yourself last on the list when it comes to your basic needs like eating a meal or resting. Even a routine toilet break can be put on hold for unnaturally acceptable timeframes.

When you are mothering - are you still in touch with that playful and awe inspired little girl in you, who dreams to move freely and creatively like a dancer who has the music in them?

Or do you trudge through your day in a messy rush just getting through the mental to do list, consistently judging yourself for not getting it all done?

As mums we often forget to play and to rest fully for a few moments so that we can take stock and put our lives into perspective again. We don’t need much but we do need it. A little reminder can go a long way for a busy caregiver.

Finding your inner child also to Me means tapping back into those moments when you’re younger, where wholesome food was all we had to get us by - so we ate it and went back out to play.

Little did we know our parents back then were showing us how to appreciate the crunch of an apple, the snap of a carrot stick and the juicy ooze of ripe orange.

Go find your inner child, give her a piece of fruit or some sticks of vegetables, encourage her to grab a big drink of water and go back out and play. You haven’t lost her.

She’s still in there.


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Also here is a link to an awesome kids boxing class which just may be your saving grace one day...