Give Gifts of Health This Christmas (warning shopping advice)

Good Merry Morning to YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

We are winding down the last week at the clinic - from 19th to 5th I will be out of the clinic however a pick up can be made on the 22nd if you need a quick dose of probiotics, magnesium or liver herbs to get you through the break.

If you haven't experienced this yet in your life, being unwell during the Christmas break is no gift.  The impact on family and friends not to mention the person who is dealing with the illness can be widespread.  I have memories as a child of listening to conversations between my parents, discussing the health of a dear friend and watching how mum fell into tears not only because they were suffering, but doubly so at this time of year.  There just seems to be that element of tragedy when it hits at Christmas.

You may not be able to directly impact the health of the loved one who is suffering, but you can do 2 things to ease the burden regardless:

1.  Take care of your own health so it also doesn't decline (carer's are notorious for succumbing way more than the caree)

2.  Offer gifts that ease the pain of the family and friends impacted by this circumstance.

If you listen closely to their conversations, you may hear things like - 'I'd like to lose some weight but I can't get out to exercise' or 'My neck, back and shoulders are so sore I can't do a thing', or ''I wish my hair and skin looked healthier, it always seems to be dull and lifeless'.

Here are a few of my favourite healthy gifts you could consider - some may require a few to chip in, but the long term benefits of these gifts far outweigh the initial costs:

1.  For the food lover - Nutribullet or other high powered blender, Cookbooks, cooking lessons and a cheaper version is a list of well researched webinars from famous healthy cooks like Chef Pete Evans that they can access. Super Food powders make a great all round gift because they are generally well tolerated by all ages, all persons, all illnesses and all medications.  Here's one I recommend that can be used for all the family! SuperKidsFood_logo_branding


2.  For the body conscious - Personal Training vouchers, Yoga or Pilates vouchers, Therbands and Instructional DVD, Fit Ball and Instructional DVD, Lifestyle Coaching session. (I recommend Shane Gregory at Beyond Transformation at Burleigh Heads)

3.  For the skin and hair concerned - Crème Bath service (leaves the hair so silky), Body Scrub or wrap, Inner Cleanse with your favourite Naturopath (no guesses who I'd recommend), a hair cut voucher, chemical free body lotions (I recommend Divine by Therese Kerr).

4.  For overwhelmed with jobs around the home - car wash vouchers, house cleaner for a month, baby sitting or nanny for a few weeks, dog wash, dog walk, lawn mowed, handyman voucher, online shopping service.

5.  For the burnout waiting to happen - massage, massage and more loving massage, meditation session (few can self guide this but CD's are still helpful), Gold Class or normal movie tickets, spa or beauty treatments or just simply you're company can be the greatest gift of all.

Remember - there are those in your immediate circle who quietly plod through their day, without attracting too much attention to themselves - mainly because they don't have the time to do this due to their circumstances, energy or illness holding them back to alert you to this.


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