Go off Track but Don’t Derail

Good Glorious Day!

Welcome to the last few weeks before the years ends and the weeks that many start to think they are giving up any hope of maintaining their health until somewhere in January.

Mindset is a powerful tool when it comes to applying yourself to any decision. Whether it’s saving money or losing weight- mindset plays a crucial role in your health and your happiness and it bodes us all well to watch our inner talk around this time of year.


As humans, we are set to a number of defaults. From maintaining homeostasis to remembering the finer  details of a negative experience vs the positive ones.

We can nail detailing so incredibly efficiently and it takes more conviction than a guilty offender to turn that head space around.

In fact-our biochemical messenger system has it so well wired that we can even become addicted to experiences that are negative, toxic or self deprecating.

Much like any addiction, the power is in the trigger, the head chatter and the follow through action.

Here are my steps on how you can stay on track with your food, exercise, alcoholic beverage intake and even your mind chatter:

1. Understand that much of your habit forming will be subconscious, which means that calling it out to raise to conscious thought will be necessary. This means being 100% honest with yourself that you respective repetition patterns maybe locked in and needs to be put on notice.

2.  Allow yourself stages of changes - not as a back door excape plan in case you fail, but as a way to bit off smaller pieces of the goal to embed deeper set new healthy patterns and habits.

3.  Always choose a healthier option if on offer. This will fortify your will power every time you do. Read ingredient labels, look for fresh produce in the food or clear fluid in the beverage.

4.  If you do slip off the edge- give yourself a 48 hour rule to be back on track by.

5. Remember that a week away from your healthy plan won’t equate to a complete fall off the perch results wise. There is time to regain control and move forward still. Don’t give up just because you gave in.

6.  Be kind to yourself if you do go off track- the last thing you need right now is negative self talk that will embed poor habit forming again.

7.  Reward your achievements with non addictive substances and habits. Think about an experience reward you are aiming for and gift it to yourself - massage, meditation classes, hydrotherapy, facials, pedicures, manicures, nature experiences - they all put back into the fortification account.

8. Get help - it’s ok to sort yourself out a health coach to keep you accountable until you are in the habit of doing it yourself.

9. Consider tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a way to rewire your neural pathways towards more supportive habits. Sessions are available this month and remote appointments are offered through Skype, Messenger or Zoom mediums.

I have also a series of online self paced motivational sessions that are designed for weight management clients but are able to be applied to any (health) goal.