Goodness You’ve Changed…What’s Different About You?

Welcome to the weekend and if you're on the Gold Coast, its going to be a warm one - so enjoy the sun and the warmth!  Don't be complacent though, Winter is coming and soon the air will dry out, crisp up and chill out.  Winter can be a time for hibernation for most of us, even if the change hasn't quite kicked in, the concept of cooler calendar changes has some already retreating to the indoor arena of slippers, blankets and comfort foods.

In a few short months, a season of inactivity, couch surfing and carbohydrate can have detrimental effects to your health.  It is no surprise then that after Winter, we can look quite a lot different to our Summer selves.  It's also no surprise that we feel healthier and more vital in a warmer climate than a cooler one, but this does not have to be the case at all.

When you combine inactivity with carbohydrate rich comfort eating the result is often a puffier, ruddier skinned, uncomfortable version of yourself.  It is hardly easy to feel that glowing, youthful, fun and vital person when he/she is buried deep beneath a blanket of poor diet choices,  and low activity levels.  I like to use Winter to up the ante on metabolism and increase circulation using the colder temperatures to pluck up the blood and get it moving through my body in a warming river of nutrient delivery and toxin removal.

It is possible to lose and maintain healthy weight in Winter.   It is also possible to achieve sensational skin conditions and it is also highly reachable to increase and retain great energy and happiness during these potentially sedentary months.  There really is no valid excuse such as the cold to not keep your health focus on your radar.  Here are my top tips for optimal glowing body care during the next few months:

1.  Start thinking of water intake as a warmer version of the thirst quenching cold drinks of Summer.  Think warm savoury broths, spicy herbal teas with ginger , cinnamon, lemon, honey and turmeric, mulled spicy freshly squeezed oranges with water/cinnamon/cloves/ginger and maple syrup, miso soup, warm water with lemon wedges and chunky vegetable soups.

2.  Hydrotherapy is a great way to stimulate the muscles to tone and the lymphatic system to clean up toxic by products of metabolism.  Think a cool blast of water during your hot showers, think quick dips into the sea after an invigorating walk with some heart rate lifting stairs or hills to warm you through and think steam and sauna facilities with a cool plunge to wake up the circulation and get the skin glowing.

3.  Consider exercise as your ally against inflammation and work out your Winter movement program now.  Taking into account the darker hours either end of the day, start working on indoor programs of short bursts to keep your body maintaining the natural form it is meant to take when it is healthy.  I like to use the 7-Minute Workout as a way to combat excuses to not being able to get out to move.

4. Skin brushing, oily based foods like nuts, avocado, fish oils, salmon, chia seeds and skin friendly oils like coconut/olive/macadamia/wheatgerm and avocado oil are all great to use inside the body to feed nutrients to the fat loving layers of the skin.

5.  Avoid yeast based foods like beer, wine, breads, pastries, pies and doughnuts.  Instead - aim for hearty casseroles, toasted wraps with roasted vegetables, baked potatoes stacked with finely chopped vegetables over a savoury mince (chicken, beef or lamb). If you are drinking alcohol either choose white spirits or use a combination of probiotics and liver herbs to combat the sugar and yeast effects on your system.

Remember - the next time the warmer months roll around you won't have to work hard to get into that beach ready will already be there!

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