Gratitude is the New Black

Good sunny/drizzling Winter morning to you

After finally rising from a sleep that would have surely turned back the clock given its depth, length and level of satisfaction - I've woken to a fresh new day, a gorgeous cuddle from my daughter and a breakfast delivered by her dear aunt - and a peaceful appreciation for the love and support we have available to us.

Having the ability to tap into gratitude frequently helps us to stay grounded and connected to what is good in life, rather than what is missing, what is not enough or what is lost.  Staying grounded and connected helps us to find the hope when the hope is perceivable gone, to find a new way to approach problem solving, to being ok even when the proverbial hits the fan and to remain in humor as that is happening.  Gratitude is fast becoming the new fashion of attitude that suits everyone, looks good day or night and is a one size fits all solution to the hardness in life.

Much inflammatory chemistry is produced by your body when you are under the pump and without perspective and the gift that being grateful gives us, this chemistry remains unbalanced in its surges and wires our bodies up for the kind of muscle tension, headache, gut inflaming processes that no amount of supplementation can adequately turn around in a heart beat.  If gratitude was ingestible - the product company responsible for manufacturing this would rival all others.

Today I am grateful for my surf loving daughter whose passion takes me often to the beach where I exercise and laugh with friends, my family and friends who understand the challenges that parenting and running a business brings and gather around us to help if asked, the opportunities that my incredible choice of vocation affords me, and the freedom I have given myself to say no to being involved with people and activities without feeling guilty.

Gratitude is indeed the new black - wear it daily!

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