Have You Broken Your Promise?

Welcome to my very delayed and first blog of 2019!

It has been a busy start to the year - settling in the clinic, recovering from a double fracture in my foot and of course the craziness of Christmas and New Year start ups.

Let's not mention the competition season for my daughter's surfing got off to an early and intensive start with us heading off to Woolongong in January as she qualified for a spot in the National Rip Curl competition and is currently competing in her first Pro Junior event in my home town. I always envisaged myself working on the road from time to time - I just didn't realise it was literally going to be 'on the road'. In saying all that, having the flexibility of working from my own business has its ups (in balance with some downs).

When it comes to commitment, she shows me a whole new level of focus - which brings me to your health.

How committed and focused are you on addressing potential health issues BEFORE vs AS they arise? Are you a reactor or pro-actor when it comes to your wellbeing?

Did you make optimistic health promises to yourself, your kids or your partner...that are you are currently breaking?

Relax, this is not one of those guilty road trips I intend on taking you on. It's more of a "Come on, get back up and let's do this together - I got your back" kind of adventures!

In the days of digital doctoring, it is so very easy to try to navigate your health using leading keyword phrases, but nothing replaces face to face contact and the sense that someone has a professional understanding of your health journey with the coaching skills to take you through to the results you are looking for.

Thankfully, I have a number of new programs available with up to date tests and even genetic profiling on your potential health weaknesses that we can select in clinic for you. It is an exciting time to be honest - never before have we been more equipped to help you keep your promises!

For the rest of February, if you book in for a Healthy Overhaul appointment - you will receive a free 30 minute Tapping for Commitment and Focus Session with me that you can incorporate at any time of the year ahead! This is $70 of value! Call on 0438461178 to set up your Healthy Overhaul Appointment or respond to this post for more information on what is included.

Valentines Day Gift Of Health - Share the Journey of Amazing Health Together