Health Is Not An Absence of Disease

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Many times I think about the wonderful people I get to meet in my role as a promoter of great health and vitality.  I received two messages from two different patients about an hour apart this evening, both delivering a voluntary thanks and gratitude for the role I've played in helping get their health on track.  One was from a primary school child via his lovely mother.  The other was from a previously relatively home bound mother who is about to embark on a 6 week overseas trip.

Then my mind turned to the many more wonderful people I will get to meet to help them transition from one level of health to another, regardless of the starting point, and the many more I will not ever get to meet.

It reminds me that there are many levels of health we accept into our world.  Some of us are passionate about keeping ahead of the game so to speak and put into place preventative disease measures to save a deeper heartache later on.  Some prefer to wait till something happens before they act and step into disease management where lifestyle management may have been a longer term solution .  Others won't look at natural therapies as an option at all until conventional medicine has let them down one too many times, putting their last hopes into a health model that is designed for the 'tortoise' approach, rather the hairy 'hare' of conventional medicine.  And there are those that have simply given up and are waiting for the family inherited illnesses to come.

Being healthy is not when you aren't sick, being healthy is so much more than that.  I notice swollen beer bellies in men who buy lean cuisine for dinners.  I see children with dark eyes and pale skin eating processed foods and struggling at school.  I watch mothers who drive themselves into over commitment and squeeze 3 hours of tasks into 45 minutes.  None of them are presenting with diseases or sickness most days, but none of them are well or brimming with vitality and joy - the natural state of the human body.  All of them often recall feeling óff' or 'not quite right'.  In our natural therapy world we call this an absence of a Sense of Well Being or SOWB.  Its that bridge between being well and being unwell and is often the result of an unattended sign or symptom that heralds a need to change something in the day to day goings on.

Don't wait before a disease hits you before you decide to make good on your promise to transition into a workable healthy routine.  Don't wait until you are scared into worrying about your health after years of self, food or alcohol abuse because a GP has told you they can't do too much for you anymore.  Don't give up on your body - its been telling you for years something isn't right.

Consider your body had a petrol light, just like your car, that lit up when you were dehydrated, in inflammation, exhausted or immune compromised.  Would you ignore it, or attend to it? If you ignored it, how long would it be before your vehicle halted your progress? I guess it depends on how many times the light went off and why.

Being healthy is an absence of petrol lights...

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