Healthy Addictions

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!  Now here's this weeks topic for tantalising your tastes for all things in a healthy balance.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be fully addicted to the feeling of being at the pinnacle of your health? At some moment in your past life - and if you are lucky to be there right now - you get a glimpse of true health and vitality that is so incredibly powerful, its addictive.  Apparently not addictive enough for around 90% of the population who by most research data, shows us that maintaining their health is not top priority.

Imagine being AS addicted to feeling vibrant and exuberant as some are to smoking, drinking alcohol, eating sweet foods, seeking junk food, tolerating toxic relationships, over working - even dare I say it - coffee?!!  Man you would be one powerful unit.

Who is to say you can't though?  Well you to start (and end) with.  You can take your health to as high or as low as you choose to - and you have you to thank when you do.  Sure, life throws some curly situations such as unavoidable accidents, some genetic factors and some learnt behaviour.  The ball is STILL in your court to manage your health around all that to make the best of the circumstances and achieve the highest level of health you can reach despite it.

So what healthy addictions can you form to help get you there?  Here are my top LOVES when it comes to being hooked on health:

1.  Getting great consistent sleep - if my sleep goes under so do I - and quick.  Very little gets in the way of unnecessary jobs around the house encroaches on my bed time.

2.  Keeping well hydrated - and I feel it if I don't.  I know now that by the afternoon if I haven't had enough water, my energy drops incrementally the longer I leave it, a dead head sensation starts and I end up waking through the night (see point 1) to drink or deal with a throbbing headache. I've also noticed my neck goes out of alignment quickly as well.  Not to mention the toilet trouble! (see point 3)

3.  Daily, formed and easy to expel bowel movements.  Possibly enough said here, but have you noticed a cat or a dog after they do their daily business?  You can't stop them running along the walls they are so charged back with energy.  I know this is one of those taboo subjects, but if your elimination isn't leaving you relieved, enlivened, massaged from the inside out - you are getting ripped off!

4.   Not drinking alcoholic beverages more than 3 nights of the 7 night week.  You may even sometimes find that when you restrict your alcohol intake, point 1 improves!  You may even find you hydrate easier, and you may even find that your energy picks up.  Just saying...

5.  Eating minimal carbohydrates from commercial sources such as bread, pasta and cakes.  When I do eat from these sources, it is primarily from gluten free and non genetically altered crops.  An Australian study has found that cows fed on GMO food have high incidences of stomach inflammation and conditions.  I prefer legume and quinoa based meals personally.

6.  Moving my body with a variety of activities I love to do. I do love running but can't go a lot due to time restrictions and injury but I manage a decent run once a week around a natural bush setting.  I also love water based activities so I swim or walk the beach.  And I love to paddle stuff so I get out on a board from time to time.  Whatever moves you to move, move it!

7.  Rest up!  If my day or week has been taxing, and its not time to go to bed, I benefit greatly from 10 minutes with my legs elevated and lying flat with my arms out the side.  I also take some deep breaths to return my body back to a state of peace, and now it does that automatically when my peace chemistry is out of whack.

8.  Catch up with friends because I have a dear close circle of like minded people who I know it is safe to be me with and vice versa.  Socially, I find it is important to know that when you feel you need to you can call someone up and sort out a night out or a brunch.  Its therapeutic!  When did you last make a date with your besties?

9.  Speak from the heart and follow your intuition - they are rarely wrong! This is where point 7 comes in to help - stillness helps you hone you intuitive ear.  Your little conscience voice is always on your side, so listen...

10.  Remove guilt based auto responders from your vocabulary and offer those around you your blessings to do the same .  This is not an easy task if you have been beating yourself up forever, but guilt is a silly place to hamster wheel yourself.  It seriously gets you nowhere quickly.  The release of energy you feel when you no longer feel responsible for someone else's reactions to your chosen path, is amazing!

Remember - if you start to change your health routine and it begins to get the desired results don't stop there - there are so many more levels of vitality you haven't tapped into yet - its yours for the taking, just go out and get hooked!

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