Healthy Ageing – Forward from 40

This piece is for my patients who are nearing their 40's or are already beyond this time and who are keen to achieve high level of wellbeing and vitality suited to each age milestone.  As we age, the pathway to disease and cellular degeneration naturally draws closer, but there are some ways to slow it down and buy you life in your years and perhaps also years in your life.  One of the most obvious challenges a vital 40+ person is adapting their activity levels and styles of activity to suit the coming years.

For some of us, running marathons into our 50's and 60's is just too much to ask, so it comes down to exploring other options when it comes to exercise for example.  I have some wonderful 60+ patients who have gone from the vertical to horizontal plane in their choice of exercise and currently still compete in ocean swimming events.  I personally believe this type of vitality is exactly what we are meant to be preserving - not simply letting the old person chasing us catch up.

Here are my tips for bridging the gap between ageing and wellness:

1.  Keep a healthy eye on the amount of alcohol you consume in your late 30's onwards, by now your body will have taken a beating if you started drinking in your late teens, so it is time to incorporate adequate and regular alcohol free days and to reduce the amount consumed in each session.  I also suggest taking a liver herbal support formula before you start drinking that assists with the metabolism of alcohol.

2.  Address any current medical issues and get them sorted out as quickly and as naturally as possible, if you are on regular medication - ask your medical doctor if there are ways to reduce or safely come off those with lifestyle changes.  Talk with a Naturopath on how to safely achieve the transition with natural medicine in conjunction with your GP.  The ideal is that you are on a maintenance of ageing support supplements if needed. (see below)

3. As always keep a balanced diet in check and really monitor your sugar and refined carbohydrate content. Diet drinks, muffins, cakes, pastries, bread rolls, margarine, fried foods and caffeinated beverages are on the limit if not eliminate list.  Time to rely on good old vegetables, lean meat, legumes, nuts, seeds and a little fruit.

4.  Find a purpose in your work or at home life that gives you a sense of belonging, connection to community and self satisfaction.  This has been well researched around the world and in Blue Zones (places where there are high numbers of healthy and active 100 + year olds - this is one of their common features).

5.  Supplements that will help to bridge the gap include Co Enzyme Q10 (it naturally lowers as we age and is vital in the cells of the heart as well as for energy production; Resveratrol (a potent antioxidant that has been found in research to be effective in slowing down much DNA damage from the ageing process); Turmeric (a potent anti inflammatory that has some know tumour inhibiting effect but is also a powerful antioxidant), DHA (the active component in omega 3 fatty acids from fish oils etc that helps with maintaining brain health and is also an anti inflammatory); Vitamin C and bioflavanoids (usally found in the same formula - we lose our connective tissue strength and integrity as we age and our body uses Vitamin C and bioflavanoids widely to maintain this) and a good probiotic formula.  Many of these formula are also safe to use in conjunction with most medication and can make a difference to some of the side effects some medications cause such as mental fatigue, lethargy, irritability and headaches.

REMEMBER:  The main factors to preserving a healthy vital life is to keep the inflammation down, the modified activity consistent, the spirit lifted and the body well nourished not over fed.  Some of the supplements above are available as a blended formula, contact me if you would like to know more or have your own supplies checked for effectiveness.

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