Healthy Easter Camping

Happy Easter to you!

From my family to yours I'd like to wish you a very safe and happy holiday period. If you're like us and camping is a favourite activity of yours, you'll know how important it is to have a comfortable camping experience.

When I mean comfortable I am referring to all the expected comforts that come with being away from your creature habits at home.

Having a healthy camping experience doesn't have to totally detract away from enjoying a few relaxing beverages and some social eating. However you can take the toxic load down a little by these suggestions:

  1. Drink loads of water when you're out and about enjoying the outdoors. It's easy to dehydrate which is not where you want to be when you start happy hour!
  2. Have a plate of fruit available for free picking and cut up veggie sticks on your cheese platter.
  3. Consider packing a probiotic for bloated uncomfortable tummy trouble after a big night.
  4. Before the said big night- try some liver based herbs to help with processing your alcohol effectively.
  5. Electrolytes in lemon, celery, coconut water, lime and cucumber can be handy in recovering from a hangover.
  6. Select a DEET free personal outdoor spray - I've just test run a new one about to be released from Eco Tan and it is not only gentle and smells refreshing, the midgees and mozzies don't love it!
  7. Make sure your meats, eggs, mayonnaise and milks are well refrigerated - a glitch in the cooling process can spell nasty food poisoning.
  8. Allow yourself the luxury of lazy afternoon naps and languid walks. It is therapeutic to rest and take in the environment in slow pace mode...we need this reset to ensure our batteries are thoroughly recharged from the break.

Remember - camping doesn't have to be a debaucherous blur of cheese, booze and crackers- it's the week after camping that your body registers the impact of that!