Healthy Holidays are Worth The While

Happy Easter to you!

I hope you enjoy a rest, a laugh and a few days of healthy fun with family or your family of friends.  I often find the Easter break is an important one in terms of sanity for the ramp up into mid year and Christmas.  It's the hiatus that relieves the hernia of work strain, the knowledge that the months are already flying past and the deadlines we set or have had set are moving faster towards us - its a really important break.  It is therefore really important to enjoy it and use it for the full opportunity to reset your headspace and your body to take you through to the end of your working year.  So take a deep breath in, hold it for 5 seconds and let it go.

I am writing campside from a wonderful beach side spot where the word 'power' is only used in terms of solar panel driven energy.  A place where community of eating and dishwashing is shared, where fire at night washes us in a warm glow bath of hypnotic dance and where even the rain has a beneficial outcome in supplying us with endless fresh and alive water.  The air is fresh, the head is relaxed and time meanders by without the constraints of itself - alerting us only to stages of food intake and bed time.

Although camping is not everyone's cup of tea, what ever you choose to do with this long weekend can be difference between heading back to work refreshed or still holding the air of stress that you left it with.  Let's check in on a few things that may help you achieve a healthy break:

1.  Do minimal 'housework' - just the necessary bits to get you fed and to bed. For a few days everything else can wait.

2.  Choose a diet that still includes fresh foods - salads and marinated bbq meats, heart camp oven casseroles, gas stove stir fries and even sushi can be made for snacks and dinners.

3.  When you are drinking alcohol, leave some room for water intake and liver herbal blends to help in cope with the possible higher than usual intake.  If you don't drink alcohol - the liver herbs can also help you process stress hormones so a daily dose can still be beneficial.

4.  If you are beach side like we are, give yourself a sand scrub full body exfoliation - your skin is the largest elimination organ you own so it is a great time to wake it up and help it work  You also are left with soft skin which will help bring that holiday glow to you.

5.  Rest as much as you can - you don't need to be on the move all the time.  Take the opportunity to sort the kids into an activity for an hour and lay down to settle your head zone.  Sometimes we can go weeks without a quiet moment to ourselves to reset the head, it can be just as therapeutic as a good night's sleep.

6. If you are allowing a chocolate hit, pace your self so that your insulin levels can keep up with the change in glucose levels.  This is again where your liver herbs come in as well as foods like cinnamon, protein foods like nuts, eggs and meats, bitter foods like lemon and grapefruit and also probiotics.

Remember - a break is meant to be exactly that - balance the break wisely and your level of engagement at work and for home duties will be well sorted for the year.



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