Healthy Overweight Does Not Exist

Good glorious morning to you!

What a stunning day to be alive! I write this beachside watching my daughter surf and it couldn’t be a sweeter spot to be...other than being out there myself. Easier said than done with a healing fracture but it won’t be long and I’ll be on my feet again literally!

I was recently at a conference on weight management and it was said that there has been a growing popular acceptance that being overweight and being healthy can coexist. It was also said that science would challenge that premise in proving that according to healthy bio markers - this cannot be the case.

I guess that comes down to your definition of health, especially if you’re not in the habit of having those biomarkers periodically checked by a qualified practitioner. This can be where the acceptance of ‘healthy over-weight’ can be dangerous.

In all the patients who I see for weight management support, who are also overweight, I would concur with the latter.  Conversely- most of my patients who have concerning biomarkers have weight challenges - most but not all.

Not one of my weight loss goal oriented patients  had a clean slate according to a cross section of cardiovascular, immune, hormone, mood or gut health. At least one of those areas was indicating that their body was not coping with the extra load.

The focus around ‘losing weight’ for Summer, year in and year out, couldn’t be more flawed. When I am coaching my healthy weight patients all year round, I use motivation and mindset techniques (Tapping and Coaching) to reset their attention towards healthy biomarkers.

This way they are less driven by the scales and more driven by what counts in the long run - health and longevity. Skinny people can have high risk factors too remember!

The body has a way to set its preferred weight unless they set point is shifted (new research has shown there are 6 principles on how to achieve this). This is often why people whack the weight back on and some when they ‘diet’ for weight loss.

Much like a tennis game, the magic is in the set point!

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