Help – My Skin is Cracking Up!

Happy Cool Saturday

Winter is a dry skin season.  If you are prone to getting dry skin at all, winter will be the time where you will feel it the most – but why?

During summer, we have much higher humidity levels in the air.  The moisture from humidity is something that generally helps to hydrate our skin from the outside.  In winter, the opposite is commonly the case.  Your skin is the largest organ of elimination of the body, which means that its cells are porous – to let toxins out.  This also means it can absorb as well so being mindful on what goes onto the skin will make a difference to dry skin conditions – including dandruff.  Your skin also has a water and a fat layer, which means it needs both of these from the diet to maintain its healthy barriers.

If you are covered up during winter a lot – the likelihood of adequate elimination occurring is low.  I know it sounds cruel, but letting yourself shiver a bit to achieve a bit of ‘airing out’ can be very helpful.  Even a bit of winter sun is helpful.  During this time of the year, I will often keep up some ocean swimming (usually after a good run to get the pores to open up).  It is a brilliant way to achieve a glowing complexion and internal heating!

To soothe dry skin and improve the overall texture and condition of your skin, here are a few tips:

            Dry skin brush all year round before you hop into the shower
            Sand brush your skin when you are at the beach – preferably year round

            Maintain good hydration all year round especially in winter

            Apply non SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and alcohol based creams and lotions

            Include omega 3 fatty acids in the form of flaxseed or fish oil into your diet with food

            Seek out a hydrating natural lotion for the body (I have a few I can recommend)

REMEMBER:  Look after the skin you’re in and avoid itchy winter flaking!



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