Here Comes the Chill

Happy Saturday - I hope it finds you well.

It is starting already - the winter theme is beginning to form. Every season I see a pattern in presentation in the style of cough, congestion and chest symptoms which leads to a specific selection of homeopathic and herbal remedies to help clear and protect against.

An Autumn change of season often brings the early herald of a winter that can be either mild or momentous when it comes to your immune system.  When I am prescribing remedies to match the symptoms using homeopathic philsophy (which therefore assists the body in clearing the presentation), there is much to consider as not all colds/flu are the same.

When I start to see a pattern similar to the one I am already seeing now, I recommend getting started now on your flu prevention program and stock up on the remedies that will match this picture of deep chest congestion that settles very quickly after a deep and fast onset fever.

I have noticed with the patients I have seen already, that this is a very 'heavy' flu season - the symptoms are heavy - the eyelids are sore, red and droopy; the chest feels oppressed and the level of congestion is quite marked and even the fever 'feels heavy'.  I have a kit of remedies that match those symptoms so beautifully that less than a 24 hour period after seeing one of my patients with these symptoms, I ran into her and her mum at a shopping centre - and she was running around without the flushed hue to her previously feverish skin.

This season, arm yourself with the right formula, use what works for you quickly - this is potentially going to be a chilly winter.

Here are my quick tips on getting ready:

1.  Increase your fluid intake to keep flushing toxins from your body

2.  Introduce antiviral and antibacterial herbs such as fresh thyme, oregano, garlic, basil and rosemary into your cooking.

3.  Make sure you only use artificial heating when you are absolutely needing to - try and rug up a little with clothing and blankets first.

4.  Keep exercising and moving your body to assist with lymphatic cleansing and immune functions.

5.  Start your recommended probiotic therapy as the gut bacteria assists with over 70% of your immune activity.

6.  For those on my Homeopathic Flu Prevent - start now with your age appropriate doses.

7.  Consider lemon, ginger and cinnamon with Manuka honey (caution for asthmatics) as a winter cleansing drink.

Remember - a viral infection can pass quickly through droplet (sneezing, kissing, coughing) transfer - if you are feeling under the weather (or your kids are) - cancel your social outings and rest at home for a quick and more effective recovery plus protection to those around you.


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