Good glorious morning to you!

We are on the home stretch for Christmas and gearing up for a fun start to the New Year and I know it’s been a hectic year to date for many.

This is a reminder to you to take a breather, ease into your days, keep well hydrated and fed and maintain a relaxed pace when you don’t need to be anywhere specific.

Keeping yourself ahead of the Christmas race is all about your breathing, your nutrition and your rest. If you can strategise to get that into a rhythm by minimising over commitments you will survive if not thrive through the silly season.

In light of this, I am opting for an at home Christmas and minimal travel which means I’ll be around for health support and plenty of rest on the menu. Your liver and digestive herbs are here to support your body through party time!

Im also holding a Vision Board workshop on 14th January which will make for a great Christmas Present (early bird is available till Christmas Day so get in early)! Gift vouchers can be arranged by post or email. This is a great activity to do with your friends, family, work team, teens and hens parties!

Heres is the link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/126797631299440/?ti=icl

My clinic days will be:

8th-16th December - away

18th - 22nd December - in clinic

28th-29th December - in clinic

4th-5th January - in clinic

8th, 9th, 12th January - in clinic

15th January onwards - usual clinic days

See you soon and have a great relaxing lead up to the big one!