Hormones Were Hot This Week

Welcome to a glorious Saturday! A special big welcome to this Heal Mail blog to the personal training clients and team at Beyond Transformation.  I visited them this week and delivered  a presentation that covered how to get around hormone influenced weight gain and conversely stubborn weight loss and plateaus in results.

Hormones were also a hot topic this week when I also addressed a group of cheeky veterans at Burleigh about the health of their prostates.  Interestingly - the hormones testosterone and oestrogen along with the chemicals that influence them were relevant to both presentation topics.

It came as a surprise to some of the male veterans that their bodies could be producing the female dominant hormone oestrogen, and to the ladies in the personal training group - that testosterone could be surging through their systems in unusually high levels, giving way to more possible conversions into oestrogen.  When oestrogen is high and not metabolized well I explained - this can trigger a number of unhealthy chemical changes in the body including unwanted weight gain, insulin resistance and possible changes in prostate health.

When it comes to weight gain getting these and other hormones into balance is an important step towards healthy weight and of course a healthy life as you age.  Here are those hormones in total:







Many of these hormones affect the levels of others as mentioned above.  Similarly - cortisol can really mess up what happens with fat storage and is the primary hormone produced under stress.  So stress becomes a vital sticking point when it comes to weight loss success.  Basically you want to put that hormone on deep chill!

Leptin and Grehlin are two hormones that interact with your appetite - Leptin to switch on when you have eaten enough and Grehlin when you are triggered to eat more.  The trouble is that your habits are truly in charge of these two - if you eat fast, eat large meals and eat a lot of sugary carb meals - you are less likely to trigger off the leptin response, therefore grehlin keeps tapping you out to eat something.

Lets not forget the hormone disruptor substances that also have an impact on your health and weight. These are the substances that trick your body into making fat supplies for them to settle into.  They fool your system that a hormone is present, when really it is a pesticide molecule, a plastic or a cosmetic (deodorants and perfumes mainly).

Remember - hormones are often the key to shifting blocks in many health issues, have yours checked soon!

Nicky offers a Hormone Health package which includes an Initial Consultation, Saliva hormone testing, Diet and Lifestyle program, Hydrotherapy recommendations, Follow Up Consultation and 10% off your prescription.  This comprehensive package is just $297 and is a great step forward to ensuring your hormone health.


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