How Are You Travelling?

Good morning!  Before I launch head first into this blog, I wanted to let you know of our clinic hours over Christmas:

Last day 18.12.14

First day 8.1.15 (Thursday) - Available also Saturday 10.1.15 till 1pm.

Further, our clinic was unfortunately infiltrated by someone who wanted our cash a little more than we did, so we now have a door bell for you to notify of your arrival should our reception be unattended as the door will now be locked if no reception on duty.  If you have not pre arranged a visit or a pick up of your prescription, we advise you do so as there are moments we cannot leave a consultation to answer the door due to the sensitivity of our patient's needs.  Thank you for your understanding.

It is coming to that time of the year where, on top of winding down the business year and all the pressures that come with having a break from that, we often also prepare to travel for family visits, Christmas parties and holiday retreating.  Along with everyone else it would seem!  So - how are you travelling?

Not only does this mean - what methods of transport are you taking? - but also - when you take them - do you feel calm, centred, focused and relaxed?  If your answer is a resounding NO!, then this piece is for you.  I have memories of really stressful moments with our family where mum and dad would have a very tense start to just about every trip.  Goodness help any of us kids if we even broke wind in the backseat and cracked into a giggle within the first 10 km out of town!  Believe me - the pressure was unbearable for so many reasons!

Seriously, however, I guess this blog is a kind of road/travel safety piece, but it can be applicable for any time of year when you embark on taking a piece of machinery like a road bound vehicle or instruments of an air carrier. After all, your body is also a vehicle and needs regular maintenance, road checks and rest stops.  Even if you are not driving or flying the actual plane, any travel can be stressful if you haven't prepared well for your journey.  Before the pressure mounts this Christmas and holiday season, here is a little common sense checklist and a little natural therapy enhancements weaved together - to hopefully keep you on track:

1.  Whilst you are still in organization and work mode, start a few lists for preparing for your trip on things you progressively remember you will need to take.  I often have a few lists with headings for me, my daughter, food/shopping, gifts to buy etc so I can separate out what is needed when. You may also like to have a master packing list, laminate it and use it year in, year out.

2.  Pack a first aid kit that includes your favourite homeopathics for nerves, irritability, hangovers, food overs, late night overs, people overs (Nux Vomica usually covers all of these), as well as your probiotics and liver herbs for recovery sessions.  This time of year in Australia it is also a good idea to pack some form of electrolyte formula. I prefer to use a powder so I can adjust the doses and dilutions for ages. Electrolytes are a must for jet lag, gastro and hangovers - try recovering those babies on a maccas burger and coke!  Some homeopathic remedies can be also be handy for separation anxiety, food poisoning, summer colds, fevers and ear infections.

3.  Don't try and do everything before you go, be prepared to move the goal posts around to reduce the pressure.  If it can really wait till when you return, or is not going to create a cascade of pain whist you are gone, perhaps it can be either delegated, left or partially done?

4. Before you embark on your trip, make sure that your organization and final preps finish if possible before dinner the night before you go.  This way, you are not up late doing panicked last minute things, getting poor quality and anxious sleep thinking about the things you haven't done and the little time left to do them and going into your travel day sleep deprived and seriously dangerous to be driving near!

5.  If some of this was unavoidable then commit to having a great protein generous breakfast with a hit of green juice or smoothie and magnesium to power pack your body without dropping into a fatigue an hour later - something often experienced on a high carbohydrate/sugar/caffeine meal.

6.  Pack plenty of water and commit to drinking decent amounts of it. Yes you will need to eliminate it out - consider it a forced driving rest that could save you and your family's lives.  It will be worth it. After all, don't most racing car drivers stay hydrated when they hit the track?  Too right they do, they just eliminate it differently - but driving does use quite a bit of electrolyte and water content from your blood.

7.  Stretch before you get into the drivers seat to keep yourself nice and relaxed in the body - even an epsom salts bath the night before can be helpful.

Remember - your travelling plan can be cool, calm and collected if you are!

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