How Do You Deal With Death Breath?

Good Saturday to you! I know this is a touchy subject, but for many of us - its a potentially embarrassing real one!  It's that claggy, stale and often pungent mouth gremlin - halitosis!  Death breath as some of my more articulate friends put it, is a great indication that your system is struggling with a few issues.  Even if you brush your teeth like a boss - what lies beneath is a breeding ground for the nasty blasty - a puff of air in an innocent sentence that clears a room.

In children, instinctive mothers can literally smell infection on the breath of their offspring and often report doing so which leads to an in clinic investigation.  There in lies an indication that death breath has a deep seated foundation in bacterial infiltration in the upper reaches of the respiratory system, however there is a digestive connection as well that can lead to this rising dank!

Studies have divided the type of rankness to this disorder into 3 distinctive odours:

1.  Sulphurous or fecal - from sulphur compounds - this one is most effective at clearing a space within 1 metre radius in your immediate zone

2.  Fruity -  sounds delightful, but is created by acetone production and is often seen in diabetes

3.  Urine 'like' - from ammonia compounds usually arising from poor protein metabolism starting in the stomach

As you can see, and thankfully not smell - these types of 'death breath' are not good signs of a healthy body doing its best to clean up its act. In fact, the breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth has seen modern and holistic dentistry really taking a look at what happens below the gum line for clues into systemic health and long term chronic disease.

My top tips for combatting death breath are as follows:

1.  Keep your bacterial count up in your digestive system - high strength probiotics as needed or regular intakes of fermented foods are the best - in particular the foods help to maintain pH as well so this is a double whammy.  For children - try my Super Kids Food  - it is fermented with probiotics found naturally on the foods themselves, and NONE of the ingredients are artificial or sourced from outside Australia.Super Kids Square Image

2.  See your dentist frequently to ensure that gum bacteria and other organisms aren't setting up a mini city in there

3.  Consider a diet free from fruit, yeast forming foods, grains and alcohol for at least 3 weeks.  Team this up with the probiotics and antifungal herbs and you are on a winner!

4.  Liquid Chlorophyll can help 'deodorise' the colonic matter and therefore alleviate the situation, however, it will only last for a small while, so you do still need to target the real deal.

5.  Protein metabolism promoters are highly recommended to reduce ammonia by products on your breath. This picks up your whole digestive enzyme production so it is a win win for the upstairs and downstairs areas!

Remember - the next time you smell death breath on someone, make sure you aren't 'tasting' your own as well.  Taste is smell after for thought.




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