Do You Have An OTTER Up Your Dam?

Welcome to the weekend again!  Even my nine year old has commented on how fast this week has flown by!  It must be quick when a child notices!

This post comes to you from the letters O T T E R - or more eloquently put - Over The Top Emotional Responses.  These are those responses to little things that happen during the week that are excessive reactions to the initial event.  You know that little thing that pushes you over, after handling the big things really quite well otherwise?  And that way out of this universe rebut to the situation that changed suddenly that is quite in the laps of the Gods so to speak but seriously equated to your inner emotional World War 3!  Or the failing to articulate or be understood that raises serious concerns that you or the other person even cares about your existence?  These are some examples of an OTTER.

Interesting that in real life, an otter is a furry little animal that builds dams in rivers...

It's not that unlike what happens when we build dams in our bodies making nasty chemistry easy to build up.  Here are two of the most damming dams that can be blamed for contributing to an OTTER in us (relatively) non furry animals:

1.  Kryptopyrroluria - a fancy word for the build up of a chemical (pyrrole) that is produced from a faulty break down in your haemoglobin in blood. This chemical binds to zinc, biotin, Omega 6 GLA  and vitamin B6 - very important nutrients used to make calming hormones.  Pyrrole disorder is commonly seen in children with behavioural disorders, emotionally sensitive adults and children, tendency to argue a relatively mute point, amnesia spells, nervous exhaustion through the day but better energy through the night, pessimism, aggressive outbursts, poor memory, easy skin burning in the sun, pale or flimsy skin condition, weight challenges, fussy appetite...and there are many more symptoms of this condition.  This can be easily tested through a non invasive urine sample.  Treatment is specifically focused on replenishing nutrients robbed by this chemical and herbs to calm the neurotoxic effects of pyrrole on your nervous system.

2.  Adrenal exhaustion - there are basically two states of adrenal health - Adaptation and Exhaustion.  When you first experience a stressor - your adrenal glands help with your adaptation to the situation. Whether or not you need to increase a heart rate, oxygen exchange or circulation - these hormones are vital to keep you alert for your next (sometimes life saving) reaction.  In Exhaustion - your glands have literally exhausted their production of adrenal hormones for adaptation and are literally grasping for straws. This is where your cholesterol can be impacted as cortisol is made using cholesterol.  This is a far more powerful raising agent of cholesterol than any egg or steak meal can ever be!  Cortisol - the main adrenal hormone, can actually induce a reduction in serotonin production ( your feel good, pain relieving and sleep hormone) and eventually will contribute to immune suppression.  When you are in adrenal exhaustion, you really don't have the chemistry available to cope well.  All kinds of circulation and weight issues can continue to ensue after a major stress event.

3.  Heavy Metal toxicity - when a metal like lead, arsenic, mercury or antimony lodges itself (there are many others - even silver and gold) into cell receptors they can block the same attachment sites as nutrients that usually feed a healthy emotional system - like magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese and molybdenum to name the most common.  These metals may then skew the way your body makes calming hormones and chemistry creating a long term pathway deviation towards a less efficient nervous response.  Not only this, they are also found to adversely affect your gut/immune/brain connection and in children with spectrum disorders (autism, ADHD etc) this connection is vital.  It is often combined with poor tolerance of environmental chemicals (perfumes, sprays) and food sensitivities.  Simply said, this super sized dose of chemical and metal sensitivity is really overwhelming in the body - not many sufferers are at peace within themselves to make a rational response to life's little curve balls.  A simple hair analysis test will determine the storage of these metals in your body.

Of course, there are other more clinically relevant conditions such as depression, bi polar disorder and other Brain Chemistry Conditions (I prefer this term to Mental Health Problems), but these three are walking in our communities amongst your brothers, your sisters, your best friends, your parents and your children...and there are relative straight forward testing, cleansing and nourishment strategies that are able to be implemented right now to help unblock the dam.

Remember - the next time someone responds to a dirty dish (or similar)  in a way that is remnant of Norman Bates in a bath tub - maybe they have an OTTER up their dam...and maybe get them to give me a call for an OTTER removal...


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