How Old Are You?

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me - today (Saturday) is my birthday.... Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, I thought what better subject to be discussing but the one of ageing!  How old do you really feel?

I can say that there is a large number of us feeling way older than our chronological ages for a number of reasons, but what age is your body truly telling you are at?  There are a number of biological markers that can be taken into account when determining one's age.  If you would like to start this process - log onto and access the Healthy Ageing Questionnaire - quote my number 49155 and contact me by email so that I can send you back your biological age FREE OF CHARGE as my birthday present to you.

If you would like to take this a little further and put your answers together with some in clinic testing and blood examinations (you may have these done routinely by your doctor so we can work with that) - we can arrive at a more accurate result and from there, focus on what your needs are going forward to maintain great cellular health.  This is so much more functional than simply taking an 'Over 50's' multivitamin for example. Instead, you get to focus your time, money and energy on exactly what you need to achieve a true to your age healthy body.

Much research has been done in this area, and DNA preservation through many means have been targeted as the main focus.  This is done by way of a number of chemical processing steps your body takes to maintain a healthy inner and outer cellular environment.  This is also part of the methods your body uses to protect itself from chronic disease. Sometimes - you need a little help in the right areas to effect better prognoses of your ongoing health.

Some of the most helpful anti ageing foods and nutrients that may come up as part of your Healthy Ageing Assessment are:

1.  Resveratrol - found in Pinot Noir (not to be over done!) and some specific botanical medicines.  This powerful antioxidant from plant matter has been well researched and in some studies - shows an ability to slow down the damage to the ends of DNA strands, and reduces the expression of the BRCA1 gene.

2.  Turmeric - an incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory herb. Inflammation is the seat of most ageing related disease and damage.  Turmeric can be used both on the skin and internally and is very safe to use.

3. Enzymes - as we age, we lose the power of digestive functions including enzyme production. Enzymes are the catalyst to many processes in the body - from mopping up rubbish to creating energy. Enzymes are abundant in fruits like paw paw, kiwi and the stem of pineapple.  They are also abundant in raw foods in general.

4.  Probiotics - and I know I talk to the death about these babies, but there is so much great research touting at nearly every turn the benefits of probiotic health.  From gut to immune health, to mood management and protection during chemotherapy treatments - pro (meaning 'for') biotics (meaning 'life or body') are a must when considering a comprehensive Healthy Ageing program.

5.  Glutathione, Methyl Factors, Glycine, Glutamine - amino acids are the building blocks of protein - so a balanced protein to carbohydrate ratio is incredibly important.  These amino acids in particular are widely used in the body from the time you are conceived in embryonic stages to your last breath.  Many are now being deeply researched for their effect on maintaining or when deficient, shortening cellular life.

6.  Movement is vitally important for the continual production of Co Enzyme Q 10 and therefore energy and active healthy cells.  Almost as important as moving your body is how you adapt that during your ageing process.  A marathon in your 30's will have an ageing effect on your 40's and 50's for example.  If it isn't leaving you feeling vibrant and rejuvenated, its time to change how your exercise routine looks.

Remember - sometimes we can think ourselves old - take a look at your posture, your inner self talk - even the colours and styles you dress yourself in - are you 'wearing' old on the outside as well as on the inside?  Even if you are 70, you are still 30 years younger than some of the most vital and vibrant centenarians in the world...!  Don't let the old person chasing you catch up!

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