How to Last the Distance

Happy Weekend to you!  With the winds, the fires, the temperature changes and the downward stretch to a hot and hectic Christmas just looming - these next few weeks can be testing for many.  Experiencing the wind alone can create enough agitation to throw your healthy centre off and drop your energy and immune resilience into a pre festive season low.

This is the time to really lighten things back and be smart with your self care in order to maintain momentum right through to the start of 2014.  It may feel a long way off yet but the coming weeks will run very quickly with lots of items on the To Do list, goals yet unachieved moving into your focus - another year has almost shimmied by you.

If you are starting to feel a rising swell of worry and tension, the chemistry your body is producing can well be damaging to tissues in your muscles, digestive system - distracting your immune system and draining your battery.  It's now time to put measures in place so you can truly last the distance towards the end of what has been for most - a very full year.  Here are my tips to get your momentum up:

1.  Be aware that when you start rushing around and combined with the loss of fluids from the heat of rising temps, you will chew through your magnesium.  Magnesium is also highly used by your body to create energy and fight fatigue, so consider adding some to your daily routine. I find powders work faster and more effectively.

2.  Eat light and easy to digest foods if you are on the run.  Heavy carbohydrate and fat rich meals draw energy to digest, so consider lean meat and salads, wrap lunches vs sandwich breads, protein and green smoothies and vegetable sticks to crunch on.

3.  Stay hydrated - day in and day out. Make this a priority above all.  If you find it hard to remember to drink, set hourly recurrent reminders on your phone to prompt you to have a swig of water, herbal tea or coconut water - which is full of electrolytes.

4.  Consider scheduling in a massage these next few months - book them ahead of time so that they are in your diary as a firm appointment. If you don't like massage, pick something that you enjoy and creates deep relaxation for you. This will take the edge off from the pressure in the downward slide.

5.  Nerve and adrenal herbs, gut care (glutamine and probiotics), Magnesium and B complex and homeopathic Nux Vomica can seriously smooth the rough edges around your last quarter of 2013.

Remember - there is usually a lot yet to come to finalise this year, if you are already feeling the pinch and the punch of all the first days of all the months so far - give our clinic a call so we can round off 2013 in a light and fantastic way!

**Until the end of November, our new massage therapist Bek is offering a one off special of $45 for a one hour massage - don't miss out!  Her usual rate will be $75 from 1st December and includes a foot bath, hot towels and body spritz.

**Last Quarter Care Packs available for pickup at the clinic - includes nerve and adrenal herbs, magnesium powder and Nux Vomica - enquire at 07 55939145.

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