How to Wipe Out Winter Weight Gain

Good morning all - and welcome to my new subscribers from the Exclusively You Health and Fitness Detox Safely Seminars and New Beginnings Networking Breakfast guests!  This month, I delivered presentations to both of these events and thoroughly enjoyed your company and enthusiasm for your health and wellbeing.  Let's press on and wipe out winter weight gain shall we?

Here on the Gold Coast, it's just starting to chill out literally - although I did swam in the ocean yesterday so as far as my temperature regulator goes, it's still warm!  However, some of you are already feeling the icy winds of south creeping through the cracks of your windows and doors, and are opting to rug up for warmth.  Did you know that if you are worried about weight gain over winter, NOT rugging up so quickly actually helps to burn stored calories?  Here are a few more tips on how to avoid unnecessary winter weight gain.

1.  Make sure you keep yourself hydrated but not on cups of tea, coffee and milo - opt for metabolic boosters like hot cacao with a spicy twist by adding sugar burning cinnamon and calorie burning chilli, or ginger and lemon in your water.  Keeping fluids up will continue to keep your toxin removal going - stored toxins = slow metabolism of stored fats.  Green tea and Garcinia are both well touted for their weight munching activity.

2.  Try a little hydrotherapy in the shower - it not only pumps up your metabolism but also warms up your body because with a flash of cold water here and there, your circulation has to boot up to rebalance your chilly spots.

3.  Opt for warming curries (the spices have a burning effect on storage items in most places of your body and the fluids help flush toxins) over stodgy pies and potato casseroles.

4.  Up the ante on raw ginger in your fresh juices and if you aren't already having them, up the ante on fresh juices!

5.  Keep your body on the move, I know it is chilly out there, but in approximately 2-5 minutes after you start exercising, your body will be warmed up - you are then on your way to keep winter weight woes at bay!

6.  If you are really hemmed in by the cold air, in your lounge room opt for fat burning squats, lunges, modified push ups and crunches, abdominal bridge holds and if you have to, rent a piece of indoor training equipment over winter to keep you honest!

7.  Getting your digestive bacteria into balance will go a long way to support all food processing and preserve your immune system for the job it is meant to be focusing on.  Keep a good maintenance probiotic going - checkout for great maintenance for the kids (Super Kids Food) as well you!

Organic Whole Foods fermented with multiple probiotic strains

There are many herbs available to spark up your situation, remember though - they will not work alone without calorie managed foods and frequent moderate intensity exercise.


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