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After a number of travel plans completed per my self imposed itinerary I have come away from a recent congress on natural medicine in Melbourne with a whole new look at the causative effects and dangers of our common  'AusAmerican' lifestyle.  Couple that with the final touches on my Wellness In The Golden Years event (see flyer) - free for seniors to attend - and I think it would be remiss of me to not devote this and a few more blogs informing you of the latest findings in cardiovascular health.

Here is a brief list of what stood out in the research that were great take home messages for any consumer of our current diet.  I will be expanding on this over the next few weeks in more detail per subject line because I am concerned that you may not be getting the correct/ full information in your usual medical visits.  At the least you can start asking some more questions to prompt some healthy and life extending changes.

1. Studies of the consumption of soft drink in both men and women results in at least 25% risk of developing diabetes and 50% in developing metabolic syndrome - a collection of findings that indicates your body is ageing fast and breaking down faster. See below as an example.


2.  The usual cholesterol and triglyceride testing methods are outmoded, old and pretty much useless when determining risk of developing cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack.  Essentially the new findings show that we need to actually look at the LDL and HDL (previously thought to be protective but are now found to also be dysfunctional depending on their numbers and activity) particles and determine size, number and density to also determine their risk factors.  Most blood tests are done by an automatic machine and no lab technician will actually take a look at the sample - unless your doctor requests a film to be done and a lab person to check things out closer.  You can also request this.

3. Inflammation and the markers that indicate inflammation are the seat of the ageing process - and risk for heart events, Parkinson's Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Pain, Fatigue, Atherosclerosis, blood vessel damage...get that right and you are insuring your health for longer.

4.  The lining of your blood vessel and the flexibility of those membranes play a much larger role in your risk for heart events/stroke/angina/atrial fibrillation than previously thought.  Fats that are absent in the diet can contribute to the brittle nature of broken membranes, inflammation and accumulation of plaque.  BOTH omega 3 and 6 oils are in vital here.  50 ml of olive oil and over 2 g of clean and pure EPA/DHA a day is vital.  Don't get the cheap stuff - pay the money - don't pay the price.

5.  The science around meditation and the reduction in inflammation/high blood pressure/exhaustion and of course stress are astounding - don't underestimate the power of this life skill.  Entertain a mind shift towards 'possibilism'- any new change for the better is always possible.

6.  High Intensity Interval Training has been found to be the most effect form of exercise to reduce the bad fat storage around the waist and improve metabolic health parameters than a long walk around the park.  And it is time effective - just 10 - 20 min at least 4 times a week is recommended.   For more information on how to do this safely - even if you have had a heart event - let's talk or chat with your well educated personal trainer.

There are a load more points to post here but this will get the ball rolling for now. I will make sure you stay adequately informed on the other changes in the next few weeks but in the meantime - if you have a senior who would like a FREE day out exploring wellness, having some free health checks, being pampered, listening to inspiring health professionals speak all about their healthy ageing - bring them along. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided as well as a generous gift bag on entry and tickets to a huge line of lucky door prizes offered by our 38 exhibitors.


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