Hush the Thrush

Good morning and welcome to the weekend.  It's definitely warming up in Australia (or it will be soon to my southern readers!).  This is the time of year where luscious fruits are eaten widely, crisp chilled wines both sparkling and still or icy cold beers are cracked open for an afternoon soiree and bready treats are used to soak it all up!  Together with the humidity, a stressed and imbalanced gut bacterial flora this is the most favourable environment to develop a yeast or fungal infection.

Sorry, I know this started to sound really delicious for a moment, but an overgrowth of yeast or fungal infections is no cause for celebration!  For some, this is actually a year round problem.  In babies, even new borns, this overgrowth presents as oral thrush (also known as Candidiasis) which can explain why there may be a refusal to eat/drink due to the burning pain in the mouth and the inside of the mouth, tongue and gums can have a white distinct plaque on it.   In women it presents as vaginal thrush, early menopausal flushing - where discharges appear in a more copious and thicker form. In men - a little jock itch can be a clue that his lifestyle has thrown his internal balance way off.  In children and adults, it can present as chronic sinusitis, facial skin redness, foggy or confused states

or tinea on the skin of the feet and hands - although it is thought you will pick this up from a communal shower, your immune system is responsible for ensuring an externally transmitted organism isn't allowed to run rampant on or in your body.  In all cases, it can be uncomfortable, irritating, debilitating and embarrassing.

To hush the thrush and return to a comfortable balance again, put the suggestions together into a focused 3 to 6 week program...

1.  Immediately undertake a yeast and sugar free diet - including alcohol, dairy and fruits. Remember - it is only for a short period and is necessary in order to get on top of the overgrowth.  I have a specific dietary program to follow that gives heaps of suggestions for you to replace these items with.

Great probtiotic fermented foods for children - adults can use it too!

2.  Start a supplemental program that combines powerful antiparasitic and antifungal herbs combined with a high count probiotic formula.  Back it up with a fermented food based probiotic for maintenance during and after the initial phase.

3.  Use Thuja tincture rather than sticky heat creating creams on external lesions. The heat caused by creams can create a great environment for further growth.

4.  Consider the power of homeopathic medicines for these conditions - Nat Mur, Kali Mur, Pulsatilla, Borax and Thuja are all well indicated for this type of condition.  I can help specify which fits your situation best.

5.  Homeopathic and herbal protocols are available for children and babies as well.

Remember - in many cases, conventional antifungal creams and treatments only handle the condition and immediate symptoms short term, eventually, the internal environment will need to be cared for in order to achieve longer term results.

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