If I Could Sit On Your Shoulder…This Is What I’d Say

Good Saturday in Spring (or possibly still Winter) to you!

I was speaking with many of my gorgeous patients this week in my usual sprouting off of the sorts of things I wanted them to remember to do for themselves until we next met so to put together the symphony of self care that it would take to come back to their healthy balance again.

Some of my patients are extremely busy, juggling child care and business care, ushering in and out of their car a myriad of bags, people, boxes and often the leftovers of their meals.  One in particular stopped me mid sentence and said "I need you on my shoulder reminding me about this".  And so, here is my mini version of me sitting on your shoulder, with a few of my favourite time smart, inside and outside healthy balancing tips.  In no order of priority or importance as they are as equally as useful in any order:

  1.  Make your shower routine a spa routine with lymphatic and skin cleansing benefits. Before you hop into the shower, drink a glass of filtered water and scrub your skin starting at the feet up and working towards your heart, using a clockwise direction when you work on your abdomen.  A drink of dandelion tea or lemon and water may add an extra therapeutic load.  No soap needed!
  2. Create a shower meditation whilst you are in there - as the water is moving over your head and face, visualize your energy increasing as the water washes off the debris from the day or the night (following your nocturnal detox process).  If you follow Chakra meditation, you can imagine the water is washing each energy centre from the crown of the head to the base of your spinal cord.  Add some grounding music and your shower becomes a sacred place of centering and mindfulness daily.
  3. During your commute to and from work, commit to practicing deep diaphragmatic breathing with the emphasis on the out breath.  Science tells us that the carbon dioxide we breathe out is actually waste products from toxins we are eliminating - including unwanted calories.  If your weight loss program is not working in your favour - breathe it out!  Make sure that out breath is long and strong!
  4. Instead of bread based sandwiches - try wrapping your fillings in vegetables.  Cos Lettuce wraps, cucumber subways and capsicum cups are just a few easy ways of filling up on a healthy vegetable hit.  To increase the satiety factor of the meal - add a cup of miso soup or some extra fats in the fillings.  You won't have that post lunch snooze alarm go off nearly as often (if at all).
  5. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink water at regular intervals of the day, to move your body (even 10 minute effort throughout the day can burn a considerable amount of stored energy), or to take a break and shut down to breathe and regroup.  Sometimes we just need a tap to take a step back.
  6. Don't let 8 weeks go by without some form of pampering therapy - even 8 weeks it too long.  You need a softening process - even if it is a weekly Epsom salts and essential oil bath - the hard tension needs a soft touch every now and then.  When you step back into your malleable body again, you can better tune in to what it really needs (vs what you think you need which is usually health depleting).

Remember - when we are still enough to hear what our body really needs, we can short cut a whole lot of damage control later on.  In the 21st Century, we simply cannot afford to overlook this anymore without paying a hefty price for it down the track.  If someone is on your shoulder to remind you to care better for yourself, maybe your best bet is to listen and act accordingly.  It makes good sense (cents).