Improving Health Has Nothing To Do With Willpower

Happy sunny Saturday to you!

I am in conference mode again - saturating my knowledge cells with the latest research on inflammation! It may sound like a hot and dry topic but for us Natra-nerds it's the most common factor in disease correction we deal with. Just about most conditions you receive medication for involves an inflammatory pathway somewhere!

"That's fascinating, Nicky", I hear you say. "But what about my willpower?"

I'm so glad you asked...

Last night as I was winding down from a long day I flicked the television to SBS and found a show on weight loss. To my delight they were supporting the benefits of a ketogenic diet and how your body achieves that status- something we have been working with for weight loss and inflammatory conditions for over 20 years!

It wasn't the content on Ketogenic eating I was focused on however, it was the small but poignant point made that weight loss and especially emotional eating has nothing to do with willpower. It has everything to do with what habits you change and the ones you don't.

In my opinion this is the same approach required whether you are aiming to lose weight, heal a leaky gut, clean up your skin, manage your hormones, deal with cancer or beating depression.

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always had. Powerful!

When it comes to coaching for habit changes here are three important principles to work with:

  1. Identify all triggers (and their triggers) and set milestones for when you want them gone
  2. Create a competing habit list of non addictive practices, rituals or behaviours that goes against those triggers
  3. Celebrate each milestone you've set and achieved with a non habit forming reward. Better still list those first!

I know of a lady who desperately wanted to give up smoking so she bought a brand new car and every week she put aside her smoking money to pay the repayments. I say whatever your carrot is- dangle it!

Remember - whatever your addiction, attachment or habit is that is causing your health grief- you are free to change it whenever you decide! It doesn't own you- but you have to own it!

See below a link to my next workshop in collaboration with my good friend Rebecca Plant