Invite Your Body to the Party

Good Morning and Happy New Year to you!

I hope your entry into 2015 was spent enjoying time with loved ones, reflecting on gratitude, setting commitments to nourish yourself and that you feel a little more invigorated after the break than you did before it.  I had a nostalgic time.  I spent Christmas time doing some firsts - my first without my daughter (she's 10), my first without my dad in my home town with my family, my first drive to Newcastle in quite a while and my first time sleeping in my car while camp site hopping visiting friends and family on my way back up.  It was great - a spreading of my wings so to speak.

So I gave myself permission to celebrate - and I did that really well. I do most things really well but this one I excelled at!  The good thing was that I noticed I wasn't feeling too trashed from it!  I am reminded that I did take some liver herbs along the way to buffer the alcohol zone and I ate really well (pretty much paleo all the way) so I wasn't feeling too chunked up in the guts from it.  But I noticed something different to other times I have had alcohol.

Because I consciously went along with the concept of giving myself a little party, I felt my body go with it.  I knew also that when it was time to stop, I could do it with ease, sleep sensational nights of deep dream filled sleep and wake ready to get active in the surf or river or to read and be mentally entertained.  It was way cool. Not that I would suggest that drinking alcohol is a healthy thing to do always, but the approach of being completely submissive to it and allowing my body to tell me its time to stop, made it easy for me to do exactly that.

How often do you drink to ease the pain of a tough day or week?  Have you noticed that you experience fatigue the next day - a grogginess that only grog can bring?  My experience has been that if I drink alcohol for medication, the outcome is not medicinal.  When I drink alcohol for celebration, the outcome is festive.

Remember - if your body doesn't respond to the party invitation with joy and vitality (invitation here is the thought you have to have a drink), then you're probably medicating.  Other more potent and joy giving medications would be rest with your legs up and eyes closed, or exercise for about 20 minutes.  Raise your vitality then party - not the other way around!

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