Is Being Healthy Worth It?

For most of you reading this is a no brainer - but if you have a partner, friend or family member that you think is stalling in their efforts to look after their body, this could work in your favour if you leaving it languidly looming on your screen for a few hours...

From the moment I made a decision to look after my health and be the best person I could be for myself, my life literally changed overnight.  Looking after the body you are in is hard work lets face it.  If you want to get plenty of mileage out of your body and do sensational things with it like travel, sport, adventure activities - even riding on theme park rides - then it is a prerequisite to groom your insides as well as your outsides in order to enjoy these things with ease.

Even if you are at rest and you want to enjoy the rest - you can't do that easily if your system is fired up on sugar, caffeine or dealing with an alcohol injection.  The toxins from these chemicals alone can leave your nervous system all wired and fired up and in some cases - it even hurts to lie down.  If this is happening to you on a regular basis, if moving about in your world is becoming increasingly bothersome and tiring - IT IS TIME TO MAKE SOME CHANGES!

I don't know about you, but I have noticed that most people I know who put in some effort in taking care of their body seem be able to throw their hard earned cash into experiences and items that they feel a sense of reward from.  Don't you want to be spending your money on these rather than an ongoing onslaught of medical appointments, scans, tests and expensive medications. Even spending a heap of money on supplements tells me something is out of balance.

In saying that, there are cases where this is necessary, life saving and time preserving, but for most of you out there, this wouldn't apply if you can see your way through to making some life changing decisions and putting a little more effort in to hold some will power up in your own favour.  If you can make the effort to go to the bottle shop, confectionary aisle, cigaretter counter to 'pep' you up, surely you can afford a little left over energy to balance it with some regular exercise, salad or vegetable intake and water drinking???

Remember:  The costs of taking care of your health today are nothing in comparison to the costs of ongoing life preserving chronic illness treatment and programs later (and not that far down the track for some) on.  You DO deserve better!


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