Is Cooking a Chore or a Sensory Delight? The Key to Your Health Could Be Here…

Happy Saturday to you!

Let me ask you this - when you cook food, do you allow yourself the pleasure of taking in the colourful array of vegetables, the intoxicating aroma of garlic and herbs simmering in a crisp and fresh olive oil or the scent of subtle flavours that come together to build a cacophony of taste and smell that sends your taste buds into another world at first bite?  Or is it a slap together affair of whatever you can find in an 'under 20 minute' preparation?

I ask you also - when did you decide that you deserve any less than sensory overload when it comes to food and eating? Time required for preparation is one common excuse and so is a lack of know how...but even if those two barriers are remedied - would you still slow down to appreciate the meal in real time and allow your body to catch up?  This is a vital point to consider when it comes to your digestion and the comfort with which you go to bed on and wake up with.

Food that is prepared with a range of colours, textures and flavours is often also the same food that offers the highest nutritional value and therapeutic outcome, without robbing your body harshly of existing nutritional profile. For example, a pasta meal made on gluten free fettucine and a pre-canned sauce is hardly a healthy option when compared to the same pasta with that sauce and sprinkled with fresh basil, boosted with fresh and pan cooked garlic, and simmered with a juicy organic chicken thigh also cooked into the garlic.

I find that food that begins its cooking journey with an aroma that wakes the senses (garlic, onion, leek, celery in olive oil for example) starts the digestive juices flowing and gets you already anticipating the first bite.  Your digestive system is already primed to produce acids and enzymes that make the food easily absorbed in its most minute form.

A white diet of calorie rich foods maybe easy to prepare, but hardly touches the senses the way food is meant to.  They are also now scientifically the same foods that are being aligned with long term chronic illness and metabolic disease.

Life is way too short to enjoy bland food! If you aren't skilled up on how to put flavours together, maybe your goal for 2015 is to join some cooking classes and learn how to create a symphony of sorts in your own kitchen?

Remember - the sense of smell and taste is a powerful and meaningful sense to delight - give your tummy a chance to discover how a meal can be hurt free and even healing!

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