Getting Pain Out of the Way of Your Fun

Good Sunny Saturday to you!

Let's get this weekend started with a little pain management - after all - who wants to waste a stunning day with hot packs and Panadol?  If you have ever experienced ongoing pain, you will know first hand the debilitating feeling that literally drains your energy tank.  Pain is one of highest reasons why someone will investigate their health, mainly because it gets in the way of day to day activities, work commitments, your happiness and your recreation.  All the things that gives us purpose.

For many who have been experiencing pain for a long time, this has sadly become the norm and the light at the end of the tunnel often grows dimmer, but it doesn't need to.

Depending on the origin of your pain, much can be done to alleviate the intensity and in some cases completely reduce the cause of the infiltrator, reversing the pain.  When it comes to whether or not to apply heat or cold packs for relief - it all depends on the level of inflammation and the stage of repair the part is in.  The basic rule of thumb is:

Hot packs - tendon pain, 48 hours plus after an injury, general muscle tension (stress), on the feet for migraine (simultaneous to cold pack mentioned below)

Cold packs - initial injury within 48hours, nerve pain, severe joint pain, on the head for migraine

In saying that, always seek advice for your particular injury when it comes to first aid management.

There are a number of potential starting points for pain but all end up in inflammation and all have a post trigger point in inflammation and its this that your treatment is always aimed at managing.

Inflammation does play a role in turning around the insult to start with but if the insult is relentless, this inflammatory step can spell long term problems - usually triggering auto immune conditions.

When considering nutrients that turn around the pain mechanism here are my top tips:

High doses of curcumin found in turmeric - best in therapeutic doses of at least 4g

Address bacterial infections that are often at the seat of many pain conditions affecting the joints such as rheumatoid arthritis

Herbs such as Devils Claw, Jamaican Dogwood and Boswellia have been well researched in their various roles in reducing the cells that maintain pain

Address gut bacteria for best immune responses

Fish oils, potassium, magnesium and lipoic acid are great anti inflammatory allies

Remember - you don't have to suffer unnecessarily - let's get together and start programming your pain away!