Is Someone You Know Suffering Through Monsteration?

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Whether you are a man or a woman reading this piece today, the topic at hand is bound to have affected you or is currently affecting you.  Ii is a commonly silent epidemic that affects families year in and out.  Although I have played with the words a little to lighten the introduction, menstruation can be a monster of an experience for many but there is a beaming light at the end of the cave that is PMS, painful periods and pimples.  Let's get to it.

Essentially the menstrual cycle is inflammatory to a woman's body which is why it is painful at times, and fraught with emotional sensitivity.  It isn't just the days before the period starts that is inflammatory either, there is a relevant hormonal surge at the mid cycle or ovulation time as well and the overall health of the body is paramount as to how much these hormonal surges and their inflammatory state effects an uncomfortable outcome.

Here are some other inflammatory conditions and events that can affect the flow, consistency, pain and emotional stress of the menstrual cycle:

1.  Stress hormone surges - as we respond to our external environment and our internal responses to that, the chemistry created by pressure and worry creates tension, nerve toxins and increases our pain sensitivity.   Consider massage, nerve and adrenal herbal support, walks on the beach, positive reading material, learning new personal growth skills - whatever it takes - reduce the stress hormone elevations.

2.  Leaky gut syndrome - again, relating to toxins but this time coming from the digestive system into the circulation - once this condition is prioritized and remedied, the body can get onto the job of correcting most inflammatory conditions.  In the absence of correction, the gut bacteria will remain imbalanced and continue to communicate inflammatory messages all over the body.

3. Magnesium deficiency - the mineral for muscle relaxation, magnesium is essential to relieve muscle contraction and improve nerve message conduction. It is amazing what happens to both pain and emotional sensitivity when magnesium is introduced.

4.  Processed food and sugar - these are absolutely useless when you are trying to improve a menstrual condition.  Alcohol also falls into this category so if you are an adult woman and still suffering through your periods, take a break from alcohol and work on these other points and you can achieve over time an improvement!

5.  Hormonal excesses and poor clearing through the liver - there are certain foods like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts that contain a chemical called Indole-3-carbinol that can help with conversion of hormones so they can be adequately cleared.  Rosemary also contains chemicals that will assist with this  as well.  Green tea, turmeric, dandelion tea, ginger and other liver stimulating/supporting herbs and foods are vital.  Sometimes you do need to use high concentrated forms to get on top of the back up but it is worth it.  Oestrogen excess is mostly problematic, and there are numerous ways and foods to convert and clear it through.

6.   Yoga - as a form of movement - yoga is extremely beneficial for both mental and physical improvements.  Get on board the yoga train and love your body in a gentle and mind balancing activity.  It is possibly a wonderful way to also bond with your teen daughter if she is suffering through her cycle.

Remember - when it looks like ANYONE is in monster mode - regardless if it is due to a hormonal cycle - inside their body it is not a happy place - its inflamed.

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