Is Winter Drying You Out Already?

How about this top soil for keeping your body?

Super food powder fermented with naturally occurring probiotic strains

Welcome to another glossy, juicy, nourishing weekend - or so we would like during this season of chilly, dry and crispy weather.  This blog welcomes my new audiences from Exclusively You Wholesome Health Studios following my Safe Detox seminar as well as the members of Rotaract Burleigh Heads following my Live a Life Worth Loving presentation.  It's great to be with you as you navigate life with your health firmly in your sights!

Have you started to notice your skin, hair and nails starting to dry up in this cooler weather?  Like all fluid membranes, cool temperatures create contraction in the tissues of your skin, hair follicles and circulation that feeds your nails (and the rest of your body).  It is not surprising that during this time of the year, if you don't keep your water intake up, it is not very long at all before your skin and other parts show you it is lacking in hydration.  If your throat is a little scratchy, your digestive elimination is slowing down or your hair is getting frizzy - these could be signs you are not well hydrated - but it is not ALL about drinking water either!

As it is not uncommon to 'lose' your thirst in Winter months, it is even more important to keep your fluid intake up not only for skin and nails but even right down to the cells of your nasal passages, respiratory tissue and digestive lining.  Under hydration in those last three can really contribute to tough tenacious mucus production, where large gaps from dehydrated tissue can allow bacteria and other toxins to pass in and create a perfect place to infect its surroundings.

Adding moisturisers to your skin may temporarily help from the inside out, but some external applications can dry the skin out further.  Instead, using natural oils such as coconut, macadamia, jojoba and avocado can really send nourishing fats into the layers of the skin that respond to fat layers, but there are also water layers in skin cells too, so a balance from the inside out of water and good fats will go a long way to plump up skin cells to remain hydrated.

Another thing to consider is that during cooler months, your skin will not get to shed its cells as often when you are covered up, so a salt, sugar or brush scrub in the shower will really help this along and at the same time, stimulate circulation to the skin to bring all that good water and fats to keep your skin supple during the winter.

Here are some more tips on tissue hydration to keep your youthful glow during Winter:

1.  If water intake is a laborious task to maintain, set a phone or computer reminder to go off each hour to drink a small glass of water or herbal tea.

2.  If you are drinking frequent cups of coffee and caffeinated tea during the day, have a water chaser to replenish what gets lost from the diuretic effect of the caffeine and the astringent (tissue 'pulling') effect of tannins in tea.

3.  Up the ante on your fish oil, flaxseed oil or coconut oil - or whatever omega 3 fatty acid source you feel your body works well with. Some people simply add extra chia seeds to thicken up soups!

4. Speaking of soup - these are a great way to get extra hydration without downing glass after glass of water.   Try a new variety each week! This week's soup could be minestrone, and next - a delicious Laksa! YUM!

5.  Nuts, seeds, nut oils, nut butters, seed creams and good old avocado provide excellent hydration sources of fats that your body can easily use to hydrate all membranes of the body. Most of them also add extra anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant activity so it is what I call - Nutrient Efficient (NE)

6.  To really add a glow to your skin, consider a chilli or spicy addition to your meals to stimulate circulation to your skin, hair and nails.  If you have terribly cold feet this time of year, try adding a few drops of tabasco sauce to a foot bath - it helped me through Wintery study nights!

7.  Cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, pepper, paprika and turmeric all add a dimension of warmth to a meal or drink.  Most of these also help with major disease treatments or prevention so you can't really go wrong.

8.  Keep your gut bacterial balance going - good probiotic bacteria help to hold water in the colon for proper elimination as well as transportation of nutrients - much like a good top soil for your garden.  Choose a fermented food - Super Kids Food is great for the whole family and does a great job in providing a healthy 'top soil' for your colon.

Remember - Winter can be harsh when it comes to water retention for the purposes of great skin, hair, nail and cellular health.  Let your body enjoy more hydration this Winter, if your drink must be warm, make it nourishing, not dehydrating.


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