Is Your Disease Keeping You Healthy?

Good weekend of rest and rejuvenation to you - this is my wish for you and your family!

I wanted to reflect back to a 'required reading' book we were given when students of Naturopathy - Love Your Disease Its Keeping You Healthy.

It epitomises the journey that we can choose to have when we are diagnosed with a health condition that will be a potentially life changing - do we suffer over the suffering or do we capitalise on this opportunity to turn our habits and lifestyle factors around once and for all - heeding the messages our body's give us for something to change.  In many cases - your body has been telling you about this need to change your health program for months if not years before the condition is diagnosable.  Did you listen?  Are you going to now?

Being healthy is not an absent of a disease - it is way more than this, however our current medical model favours the former belief vs a level of health so much higher than what that model offers.  A healthy individual is not simply absent of symptoms - they are running around with an effortless level of vitality, energy, happiness, optimism and adaptability. So often I hear patients say to me - I am so healthy - I haven't had a flu or a cold in years.  It concerns me if something isn't being cleaned off the system (mucus removing bacteria and toxins) from time to time.  I often also hear about fit people who eat appalling diets for years relying on their ability to train hard to determine their level of health (because they trade off 'burning it off'for a healthy clean fuel) and are now suffering through toxic conditions such as cancer, bowel disease and depression - or worse - sudden cardiovascular events.

If you have an inkling of symptoms on your health journey - celebrate them, investigate them and balance them.  These are the gifts your body is giving you that helps you hear what it needs.

Many of my cancer patients are becoming more healthy than they have ever been before - the fact that their diagnosis has bought their attention to raising their awareness to a more balanced eating, moving and resting lifestyle is part of the journey back to a level of healthy they may never have reached.

So - what are you waiting for - are you listening to the little signs along the way or do you need a diagnosis to prompt you to make those long lost intentions to be healthy become a reality?

The buck will always stop with you...