Is Your Illness Keeping You Healthy?

Top of the morning!  It's a stunning day (again) on the Gold Coast but wherever you are and regardless of the weather - you are in possession of the most intelligent compass in life you could ever hope for.  Your body.

In many moments of your day, your body is guiding you along through giving you feedback on its needs.  You will feel a pang of hunger, a sting of fatigue or a tap to drink some water or eliminate some!  These are normal daily functions that are often overlooked as we press on to 'more important matters'.  How often do you 'forget to eat or drink'?  How many days of many weeks over the past years have you been accepting sleep deprivation in favour of worry or work as a standard norm for you?

More important matters?  What could be more important than keeping the fuel in and the emissions going out in a vehicle that drives your whole life?  Well - for a lot of people - everything else until the vehicle starts rejecting the fuel, blocks the emission out process and starts to malfunction from the inside out.

For many patients I see who have received a chronic or terminal disease diagnoses - this is often the turning point of their life where they vow to take better care of their bodies from here on in. Some achieve it, others don't.  In many cases, this is the part where they become the healthiest they have ever been - so their disease or illness is keeping them healthy...and this is the tricky part.

Often, from this point where the disease or illness is serving to bring better health - I've seen two directions taken.  The first is where the patient keeps a mental or emotional notation on the fear and concern they experienced when they were unwell and uses that memory to continue a long loving healthy relationship with their body, and therefore stays on top of the new way of looking after their bodies.

The other more concerning path is where denial kicks in. Where the process of healing is not seen to be quick enough, where the little nuances and signs that the body is giving are ignored and not deemed important, where impatience takes over and self destructive health patterns return. Complacency and chronic disease just do not go hand in hand when the goal is to live well and for a long time.

If you are working through a disease or illness pattern and you know the road ahead is going to be arduous but worth it - consider this: Your disease is keeping you healthy.  Your disease reminds you to stay on track and your disease can serve to help you achieve great results going forward.  You simply just need to accept its presence, and work with what it is telling you your body needs to get on the other side where you no longer need it to remind you.

Consider this- if you didn't have a disease or illness keeping you healthy - how else are you keeping yourself 'tuned up'?



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