Just What the Doctor Ordered…Or Is It?

Top of the morning everyone!  Welcome to another inspired piece generated from a conversation I had with one of my patients this week.

This particular patient was having a treatment for deep relaxation and lymphatic cleansing and just before the session was complete - she let out a satisfying sigh and managed to utter the words "Aaaah, just what the doctor ordered".  And it got me thinking - is it really?

If you fronted up to your doctor with some muscle pain - possibly from a virus, possibly from internal inflammation, the symptoms of stress and over work, generalised fatigue and an overall drop in well being - would you get a recommendation for a remedial massage?  How about rejuvenating hydrotherapy?  Would your GP suggest you focus on alkalising your diet and encourage the family to do it together during Winter to reduce unnecessary inflammation that leaves the body open to poor immune surveillance?

Few doctors would have suggested to actually get some sunshine, increase your water intake and alter/start a routine around exercise or a variety of 'you suitable' methods of exercising your body to elevate your sense of wellbeing.

Many patients that I see for conditions relating to fatigue are rarely given a prescription for magnesium and B Vitamins and to date have never been explained the cycle of energy production from carbohydrate, fat and protein digestion and how these viruses mess with the cycle.

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.  So far, non of my post viral (Epstein Barr Virus, Cytomegalo Virus, Glandular Fever, Herpes, Lyme Disease) patients have been cautioned about the onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome if these energy production processes aren't checked and treated.

So is what the doctor ordered always what you needed?  For most childhood and adult conditions, it doesn't even come close to addressing the underlying and causative factors related to your ailment, nor the preventable onset of further pathology, or  even the basics around the Hippocratic Oath taken on entry into their career - "First Do No Harm".

Don't get me wrong, current medicine does have a role in the healing and recovery from disease and injury - but there are so many untapped steps and supportive moves that aren't referred to when in consultation with your GP that encompasses a true healing outcome.  One that incorporates the fundamentals of wellbeing - fresh food, clean water, sunshine, rest and exercise.

Next tine you are in consultation with your GP, ask them about a recommendation for these things, and if they aren't forthcoming, request a Naturopathic referral as one their specialist referral options.  If they still aren't forthcoming, give them a copy of this (or my contact details).

Remember - if just what the doctor ordered isn't achieving that deep sigh of relief with your health, perhaps it's time to seek a second opinion? Just saying...

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