Magnesium Takes You Places

Good Morning - what a glorious day to move your body!

I am busting out this piece quite quickly as I am off to see a couple of patients this Saturday morning - a rarity for me but sometimes you have to stretch yourself to help another in the name of being on point with your purpose in life.  It reminds me that some minerals do better than others when it comes to needing a stretch!  Enter stage left - Magnesium.

Without this wonderful mineral, we would be as stiff as an ironing board, depressed, 'hormonally' challenged, in aching pain, fatigued to the point of sleeping at the wheel, hunting down sugar like it was the last food on earth available to keep the species going, your blood pressure and calcium levels would soar and your Vitamin D levels would plummet along with a number of other nutrients.  You see magnesium will go to places in your body that you probably didn't even know existed!  It is the adventurer of the minerals but it needs some help to get around to all the places it likes to visit to keep you going.

When you choose a magnesium supplement here are few things to consider when at the supermarket or health food store:

Magnesium either absorbs well or aggravates its surroundings depending on what it is bound to (citrate, phosphate, sulfate, oxide, amino acid chelate, bis-glycinate).  The most effective form is the last one - the bis-glycinate as it transports the magnesium into the cell successfully because the body thinks it is part of an amino acid - glycine - which is used widely in the body for a number of functions.

Magnesium changes its activity depending on the other ingredients it shares space with in your powder, capsule or tablet.  For example - a magnesium with glutamine in it will also help repair the gut wall, calm the nervous system and is well tolerated at night.  A magnesium with tyrosine and iodine will fire up your energy and is great for fatigue.  A formula that contains potassium citrate and certain herbs will work wonders for pain and acidity in the muscles and so on. One that also contains B6, zinc and broccoli sprouts will assist with hormonal functions. It is important to match your magnesium to your highest needs!

Magnesium powders work faster than capsules and tablets, capsules are faster than tablets and tablets are the slowest - with hard surfaces to break down - your body has to get through that adn the binding agents before the active ingredients are accessed.

Magnesium works well when in a warmer solution.

Magnesium can aggravate the tummy if taken on an empty stomach and too high a dose will simply create a loose bowel.

So remember - your magnesium is a fantastic ally when you are out and about doing what you do to stay on point with your purpose - throw some into a glass and get on your way!