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Between the 20th May and 28th May I will be unavailable for appointments and for prescription arrangement due to attending surgery and post surgical recovery for my daughter in Brisbane.  Please arrange for your appointments for after this by calling our clinic on 55939145.  For remedy collections, please arrange for that this week coming and up to Saturday 16th May. I have really appreciated your referrals as well along the way - for further referrals - please pass on the clinic number to your friends and family as I will be answering my mobile less frequently for these bookings due to other commitments.  More dates below on my absence from the clinic:

May 13 and 14

June 6-10

June 11 and 12

Good Morning to you!  I mentioned in last week's post about making winter really work for you and your health.  I'm reminded about this as I mark my daughter's 10th birthday today.  It was a chilly night when labour started, but it is truly amazing how that didn't even factor in when in the middle of such a momentous event.

For those that know me well, I don't stop immersing myself into the ocean during winter months.  Granted, in my hood we are blessed with warm water temperatures still in the low 20's, but the experience of cold is still very relevant.  The Bondi Icebergs for example are famous for shunning the cold and greeting early frosty mornings with a dip.  If you speak with any of them and ask them why they do this ludicrous act - it is a simple - why not?  Why let a season change your involvement in an activity that you enjoy - there's always a warm shower afterwards and that offers so much more heightened senses of pleasure in contrast to the chilly brine.

Finding that elusive spark, vitality, spring and vigour is more commonly found in those who keep up a little uncomfortable challenge during these months. As a result of lifting pain relieving and mood enhancing hormones from exercise and slight hypothermia, the body gets to enjoy in return a rush of yihaa!  For some, this is a daily habit and what an addiction to have!  I'd love to see a bunch of diagnosed and medicated depressed people get the same result from an SSRI formula.  Your body can make some incredibly potent chemistry itself if given the right environment to do so.

In winter, cold temperatures also offer us an opportunity to burn calories - shivering is an act of burning stored fuel to keep warm, so a little chilly discomfort can actually be very beneficial. Not to mention that when your body is heating itself up, it increases it's immune functions to fight bacterial and viruses.

Remember - Winter is a great month to activate your body rather than hibernate it.  Push through and you will find this season is a blip on the radar.  Being cold is just a small piece of the discomfort picture - let yourself feel a little cold for a lot of benefit!


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