Managing Blood Pressure without Medication

Good morning and sunny Saturday!

It is another beautiful weekend here on the Gold Coast and it won't surprise me to see to the beaches bustling with sun seekers as the weather defies the odds in terms of late Autumn temperatures!

Today I am preparing to hold a birthday party for my 12 year old and 20 of her lovely friends and family and with an excited pre teen hanging around during the last minute 'don't forgets' could be an opportunity for high blood pressure to set in!

As adults we face many circumstances where our blood pressure is under fire given the weight of responsibilities and concerns we have to deal with day in and out.  Yesterday I was visiting one of my corporate clients running blood pressure checks and preparing heart healthy foods for them to try.

One of the employees came in to have her pressure done, and her reading was expected to be elevated due to the obvious stress she was displaying and speaking of.  As predicted, it was high - 174/93 - dangerously high by medical standards.

I asked her to remain seated, close her eyes and breath gently (not deeply) and took her through a few minutes of visualization and relaxation techniques.  Whilst she was in this position, I re-took her pressure and once complete asked her to open her eyes.  To her astonishment (and her colleague who was watching the whole thing unfold) - her pressure dropped to 139/85!

To say the experiment was a powerful reminder to her that she is in control of how her body responds to stress and in particular her blood pressure - she left the room feeling quite determined to be mindful of her reactions to her circumstances.

Remember - elevated blood pressure does not result from a deficiency of beta blockers or loop diuretics - it is more likely all you need to take a moment and create some peace around you instead!