Managing Cholesterol – Part Two

Last week's post covered the more recent discoveries (and admissions) that the previously believed links between saturated fats and elevated cholesterol levels are now no longer scientifically supported in modern medicine.  With the recent revealings that statin drugs can contribute to some stages of dementia and that despite their existence over the years, we still have plenty of people that are returning elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels now is a great time to take advantage of these discoveries, take the reigns back into your own hands, and assist your body in the mobilisation of cholesterol off the walls of your arteries, and back to where it is needed by the body for hormone manufacturing amongst many other functions.

You may find this article below quite compelling considering it is written by a very experienced cardiac surgeon - please take the time to read it through - it backs up what us Naturopaths have been working towards with our cardiac risk patients for years.

How about that? Here are my suggestions for managing healthy cholesterol - even if you have a genetic historical link in your family - remember these genetic links will be more likely to reveal themselves if the nutrtional and inflammatory environments favour their expression...

1.  Maintain the intake of healthy fats - avocado, fish oils (krill oil has been found to have more potent activity than regular fish oils), nuts, seeds, butters made by nuts and seeds and a small smattering of organic butter is quite fine.  Even the yolk of an egg (which is a balance of lecithin which carries cholesterol and the fat itself) is a safe option - just don't over do them as per normal recommendations.  There is a small amount of research that supports the use of coconut milk/oil as it helps to raise the production of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.  Most of these oils have an anti inflammatory effect in the body - so avoid the trans fatty acids as mentioned in last weeks post and Dr Lundell's article.

2. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep - the higher your cortisol (adrenal hormone) levels the more cholesterol you are likely to produce. Conversely if the day is stressful on you consistently, stress hormones will also drive your need for cholesterol up - so get on top of your response to stress and learn how to rest and nurture yourself more frequently. I suggest to prioritise this over diet.

3.  Consider heart healthy nutrients, adrenal support, anti inflammatory nutrients and liver detoxification support when exploring supplementation - this is best done on a case by case situation with a qualified practitioner - do not tackle this one on your own.

4.  Get plenty of dark green leafy vegetables that are packed with magnesium and loads of other cleansing elements to assist with reestablishing the balance.

5.  Consider the HCG diet - have a read and discuss with your practitioner - there are some promising results coming from this program and a lot of this centres around weight loss via changing the inflammatory pathways of the body.

6.  Immediately stop taking any and all of the major fast food chain offerings - they are laced with plenty of sugar and trans fatty acids - perfect environment for creating inflammation.  Also move away from donuts, commercially made muffins and muffins made with margarine and loads of sugar, hot chips and battered products.

7.  Regularly move your body in a fun and enjoyable exercise program that creates a lift in your emotional wellbeing (not feels like a chore and a duty).  Fun is the operating word here - you will produce a much better balance of sleep inducing and anti inflammatory hormones this way.  Join a running/walking group, start boxing, hit the water with a paddling, yoga or swimming group or simply dance.

8.  Keep your water intake up - flushing your system is paramount here.  For extra green pizazz - add a few drops of Liquid Chlorophyll to green up your day!


Remember, elevated cholesterol need not be a permanent sentence and is a sign your lifestyle (not just diet) is out of balance.  Focus on vitality and happiness - you can't go wrong!

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