Meet Your Internal Defence Force


Good Sunny Saturday!

I trust you are about to enjoy some healing sunshine and fresh air because there is plenty out there to enjoy!

Today I wanted to introduce you to the special forces team inside your body that are on a mission to combat anything that threatens your borders between great health and dis-ease.  These are your silent fighters whose main purpose is either to get in and destroy the enemy of your health or communicate a potential breach of your otherwise intact system.

Here is part of the crew inside you:

Natural Killer Cells - a white blood cell or lymphocyte that is able to bind to certain tumour cells and virus-infected cells without the stimulation of antigens, and kill them by the insertion of granules containing perforin.  Clever hey!  Simply put, if your immune system is not off doing something else - these guys are surveying for anything that fits the description mentioned.

Antigen Presenting Cells - an immune competent group of cells that mediate immune responses by processing and presenting antigens to the T-cell receptor. My favourite is the dendritic cell that often sits inside the digestive system and samples what is going on outside of the wall into the blood stream using a little projections from its body. Its kind of the dibber-dobber of your body and I am a big fan.

Cholesterol - whether your cholesterol is high or low, a healthy balance of this important fat is vital for human life.  Even too high 'good' cholesterol levels can be dangerous and would indicate is protecting itself from harm (inflammation).  Think of these as the medics in the defence line up - they are a sign your body is in protect and repair of damaged tissue mode when up and to reach for a lowering agent without addressing the dietary and non-dietary reasons why this is elevating would be like putting a blanket over a house on fire.

Amyloid plaque - this is the substance found in the brain of Alzheimer patients - and is a sign your body is in trauma protection processes.  Everyone produces this plaque when they experience stress, head injury and alcohol injury in some cases.  To know that you are producing this and that it could have detrimental mental affect on your body is important to note.  Given that we all make this - a simple gene test to determine if its presence also means a serious decline in your mental health down the track is a great investment.

Mucus - it's very presence means that your body is armouring itself from damage. Whether it is in the digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system or elsewhere - this layer of white blood cells and mucoid film means that your body is trying to get rid of something foreign.  It is a white flag that your system is dealing with it - or trying to.  With the help of enzymes munching this stuff away, once it is gone - the mucus tap should be turned off by the immune system - if it isn't - more help is needed.

So these are 5 of my favourites little fighters for your health - there are many many more that your body deploys for your successful mission in life, but in my opinion - these are the best in the corps.