Moving the Gold Posts

Before launching into this topic, I just wanted to welcome our new receptionist Judy to our clinic and farewell Kim as she and her husband embark on their move to the Blue Mountains.  Judy is in attendance at our reception Monday, Thursday and Saturday only so please feel free to leave her a message or contact me directly on the other days if you are seeking an appointment.  A quick thanks as well for your continuing referrals - it is a wonderful reminder that the work I do has far reaching effects. A referral is the best compliment you can pay to someone whose work you believe in, so again - THANKS!!  I have also launched a new Testimonials Page on my website, so feel free to refer your friends and family there as well.

Now for this week's topic:  Moving the Goal Posts

I am a big fan of planning ahead when it comes to carving out some time in the diary for a getaway.  Let's face it - time can slip away all too easily and with these regular little breaks I find I can keep the walls of pressure from crashing down.  It gives me something to look forward to, a sense of purpose and satisfaction but overall - a reward for the effort I put into my working and personal lives.  Imagine the deep and utter disappointment when something gets in the way of my cunning plan to steal away for a healthy mind break...

Last weekend I had planned a lovely weekend in the picturesque, serene and welcoming seaside town of Angourie in northern NSW. All was planned and we were originally heading down with some family - my goal was to reward not only myself but my daughter for getting through her very first Naplan tests.  It was planned weeks ago, the excitement and anticipation built as a well earned rest loomed...and then we had to move the goal posts.  Needless to say, a mish mash of feelings of disappointment, grief and sadness filled the space of the pending excitement - there had been a death - no two deaths - in our families.  With the possibility of attending funerals now in the planning - even that plan was thwarted by none other than chicken pox.  We were going nowhere!

Here is where the goal posts needed moving.  All too often I see patients push themselves past the original goal posts and into a deeper mess of stress, guilt and anxiety - which in the end - serves no one, robs your health and are energy draining.  I had to ask myself as I started to plunge, sensing my rising anxiety and sadness - "What am I resisting here?" "Let it go".  The very moment I asked and answered that question, was the very moment I 'made' it ok to be present with the job at hand and I relaxed.

Sometimes the goal posts may have to move in order for other things to fall in place.  In my case, it was to fully focus on the wellbeing of my chicken pox patient with patience and attentiveness.  As a result, a new level of bonding resulted, I was fully released from the guilt at being absent from a close relative's funeral, I was able to experience the support and understanding of friends as they came to my aid to allow me to continue patient care (and earning a living) and I got to sleep in a few extra mornings than I would normally do...I feel rewarded despite the lack of 'getaway'!

Remember, often when radical interruptions occur in your plans, those interruptions bring about a far greater benefit - but it may not be apparent at the time...

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