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Good Morning! I trust your week was productive, inspiring and well balanced with a sense of achievement as well as rest.  Will your weekend filled with sporting activities, working or preparing to work in the mining industry or pulling an all nighter to catch up on over time or lost mid week hours? Are you focused on improving your performance on the job, in the pool or on the field in order to reach a 'work smarter not harder' outcome and the accolades that come with winning?  I know this might be 'a bit soon' given the current reports on our televisions, but safe and effective performance enhancement and everything that stems from the desire to achieve this is a topic worth exploring.

Over the span of my career, I have worked with professional athletes, CEO's of large international companies, stay at home mums, teens in their final years of school and front line employees with the dream to climb the corporate ladder.  I have noticed that there is one common element that consistently presents as a barrier to their success.  This powerful, draining and distracting element is also often responsible for an athlete choking at a crucial moment, drains away well studied information and data from a student's memory, impedes strength and cardiovascular efficiency and creates blocks in creative thought which is the well from where great business ideas spring.

Unfortunately, the desire to 'get past' this choke to progress to the finish line as quickly as possible combined with the lack of mastery on how to do so without requiring artifical enhancement, actually perpetuates this problem.  The chemistry your body produces in this cycle is potent, addictive and takes a clever combination of specific nutrients and techniques to arrest - but it is possible to turn it around and then go on to enjoy a consistently high level of reliable performance.

Interestingly - with the research I am doing at the moment - this same combination in chemistry could be implicated in stubborn weight management and lowered cognitive and immune functions. How often do you see a retired athlete who piles on the kilograms in the year after their cessation?  How often do you see overweight upper management employees making snap knee jerk decisions and failing to see the long term outcomes?  How many students do you see in their final school years missing weeks due to glandular fever or similar viral infections?  How about the energy, focus and work required to pull all of this together again?  Wouldn't it be easier to be in a consistent state of maintenance vs starting behind the line over and over?

Its time to support natural performance in a safe, effective and productive way!

Remember - if it looks like you are in damage control and feels like you are in damage control - you are most definitely in the cycle and may need some natural solutions to your performance.

To recieve more information on how this program could work for you or your team - call Nicky on 0438461178.


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