Nature’s First Aid for Summer Stings

Happy Saturday - I trust you have found a creative way to beat the heat and hide from the humidity.  This piece comes to you with an offering of solutions to those pesky Summer bites, stings and burns.  It is the Australian way to get into the water, explore the bush in a camping ground or wander into a wasp nest during a late afternoon gardening frenzy.  Its a Summertime occupational hazard for outdoor lovers.

We are not only blessed with an amazing coastline and recreational settings but also some of the most toxic insects and reptiles on the planet.  The toxins (neuro toxins that causes nervy, burning pain) injected into your body by a green ant, wasp or bee have potentially dangerous outcomes in allergic persons so it is important to be prepared with your usual medication.  If you find you are a stinging insect magnet, having a first aid kit with homeopathic Apis and Nux Vomica is a must.  Apis is the diluted homeopathic extract from bee sting that when used in the homeopathic form, swiftly soothes the heat, swelling and burning nature of any bite or sting. Depending on how intensely you react, you may do better on a higher potency of Apis.

Once the Apis has taken hold, you can then employ Nux Vomica to go in and mop up the toxin itself.  Nux Vomica is a brilliant remedy for this time of year not only for this purpose but to also calm down an irritated, over stimulated, richly fed, drunk and tired body.   Children can use this handy remedy for recovery after a late night, a kids party or relatives and friends that have worn them out.  No more narky kids and adults when Nux Vomica is around!

As a general rule, marine stings improve with warm applications of water and land stings improve with cold - this is one quick way to determine what the biting origin has been if you are unsure.  Blue bottles are very common this time of year - you can hear a blue bottle scream a mile away when you are on the beach. Its sudden, loud and ear piercing - which is the nature of the sting itself.  The blue tentacles (stinging part) attached to the clear bubble (non venomous) often wrap around the body instantly delivering a burning welt of painful sting.  The best thing to do immediately remove the sting (use sand or a towel so you don't sting your hands) then head for a warm shower, then ice packs.  Never pop the bubbles as they cause the stinger to sink to under the water instead of on top - which is how we can spot them to avoid a sting in the first place. Vinegar does very little to help.  After initial first aid, applying a blend of lavendar and peppermint oil to the area and a homeopathic dose of Cantharis (great for hysterical burning symptoms) is my pick of nature's remedies.

Sunburn and sunstroke is another Summer hazard.  The adverse effects of sun exposure often present hours after you have come home and in some cases of heat stroke, the next morning.  Prevention is always better than trying to recover a cure but if you have missed the boat on prevention, homeopathic Belladonna is brilliant at reducing the deep heady throb of the sunstroke headache and haze and again Cantharis for the searing pain of the burn itself.  I also team that up with Arsenicum album is there is gastro and vomiting and dehydration.  Electrolytes are a must - a good formula literally contains just the four electrolyte minerals, and no sugar, artificial colours or flavours.  I recommend to all my tradies to have a bottle of my electrolyte powder in water made up for a day on the tools. It is the difference between intense fatigue and focused energy on a work site this time of the year.

Remember - if you have an anaphylactic reaction (instant hive rash, breathing difficulties and elevated heart rate) - you need urgent medical attention.  If you don't, there are natural soothing solutions available to you and your family for Summer nasties that will work very well and not add to the toxin load your body is already dealing with. If you would like to purchase a small kit of these homeopathic first aid remedies (5 year expiry) or my recommended electrolytes to have in your first aid kit - reply to this email and you will be set for this and future Summers.


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