New Beginnings

Good morning and Happy Easter to you all - I trust you are having a safe and relaxing break.  It's interesting that I am writing this particular blog over the Easter weekend given the nature of this holiday.  Every person at some point in their life find themselves at the beginning of a new chapter.  Whether it is from a loss of family member or friend through death or relationship breakdown or a change of job or career; being at the starting line again can present a number of different issues - mentally, emotionally and physically.  Depending on the nature of the change, it can be either daunting or a dance and depending on how well you handle it and look after your body, you can either crumble under the pressure or kick up your heels when the hard stuff is said and done.

Coming up on the 11th April, I am co hosting a New Beginnings Networking Breakfast with Jacki Hendy at the Currumbin RSL, and we are theming this very first breakfast around Jacki's journey through the loss of her partner Paul to lymphoma just over 12 months ago.  I will be presenting to the audience on the process of how, as part of Jacki's support team, we got her back on her feet again through a healthy program through a difficult transition and to the point of pulling together this fantastic event.  I will be also introducing my new program based on this process and invite you and the entire audience to consider it as a practical tool to ensure you are completing the stages of a new beginning.  I will be covering issues like comfort eating, pregrieving, stress hormone impact on weight and appetite and the importance of a stage by stage approach.  You will also hear from other professionals in Jacki's support team covering legal and other personal development guidance.  This is going to be a jam packed breakfast and one not to miss!  Bring your business cards along as there will be opportunities to network and profile your businesses as well.

If you are at a point where you want to set your New Beginning in motion, then this is most definitely for you!  Here is the link on how to register and more details, feel free to also contact me directly to secure a seat at the Wise Healthy Living table or to grab a table for your business.

Until next week and the 11th, stay well and if you are embarking on a new beginning, remember this - your body will support you well through adapting to the new change, but it does it brilliantly when you are supporting it back!

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