No Thirst? Try Pimping Your Water…It’s No Crime!

Good wet and cloudy weekend to you!  It never ceases to amaze me how a naturally life sustaining trigger like your thirst, can go 'untriggered' for hours day in day out over years in so many people. Often this time of the year is a tricky one, because we are not obviously losing fluid through perspiration which incites a more obvious thirst.

I commonly talk to patients who report consistently that they have to be REMINDED to drink water throughout the day - and in fact in order to start a chain reaction, I suggest they start their day with 2 large glasses, then put reminders in their phone to prompt regular drinking intervals of around 8 more smaller quantities (100ml).  I never saw my father drink water much throughout his life, so it comes as no surprise that his kidneys started his great and speedy decline in his health - starting with elevated blood pressure, ending in cancer.

It is almost as if the brain has forgotten its evolutionary alarm to call out a APB on your chemical balancing hormones for the blood to get flooded with unadulterated H2O.  The chemical balance I refer to here is known as RAAS - a Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System.  It's the chain reaction that ties your kidney health to your blood pressure with a detour via your thirst response. Renin release from the kidneys stimulate Angiotensin release to regulate your blood pressure, driving your thirst response (Aldosterone) to dilute the 'salts' in your blood.  So if you are not receiving a thirst response over years, are you surprised then that you end up with elevated blood pressure?  I wouldn't be!

Despite this simple equation, like most career criminals on the path to an honest living, rehabilitating into a regular water drinking habit is often an arduous and sneakily evasive process that takes much prompting, coaching, support and if necessary - pimping. Yes, this is one of those times that perhaps pimping your water will actually turn out to be a life saving and everlasting gift from me to you.  You're welcome!

Here's a few ways that you can pimp your water:

1.  Good old lemon or lime wedges into the main bottle and chill over night, or drink straight from the filtered tap - this will also wake up some liver detoxification functions as well.

2.  Make up a tray of squeezed lemon or mandarin juice or water with strawberry wedges in them, freeze and add to your water glass or bottle to let it cool and infuse the zesty flavours in.

3.  Mash up some mint and slice some fresh raw ginger root into your water bottle - great if you have an upset stomach or feel the need to refresh your breath!

4.  Boil the jug, add to a large hot water safe container otherwise known as a teapot or plunger with 3 - 4 green tea or other herbal tea bags inside.  Let cool, bottle for the day and drink up.

5.  For a warm version of water - instead of adding coffee, sugar and milk or the traditional English Breakfast tea - put a few thick slices of lemon, generous teaspoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon.  For a real kick, add a 1/4 dash of chilli powder if you are game!

6. Miso soup is a wonderful way to 'Zen' pimp your water - and most of the time it is as easy as boiling the jug and ripping open a teabag size satchel to empty the savoury or 'umami' flavoured contents in.  This is especially useful for kicking a sugar craving along, having a mini meal on the run or calming a nervous tummy.

You could even dress your water up! Try fancy straws, mason jars, a bottle that plays jingle bells or the Dukes of Hazard air horn tune - whatever it takes to entice you to make drinking water more appealing - it is worth your blood pressure to do it!  Heck - I'd even hide it in a beer bottle if it was necessary and laugh off any RBT!  Bottoms Up!


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