Not All Coughs Are Built the Same

A4 Wellness Event FlyerGood Morning and Happy Voting Saturday!

Before I launch into this week's piece, I wanted to touch on a topic that has been attracting a bit of attention in social but not so in main stream media.  There have been a lot of questions thrown in the circle this week from my patients about the possibility of the abolition of health care rebates on Natural Therapies as indicated by the Labor party if it gets in.  For the first time we may be facing a very real threat to our industry and it is expected that the Liberal party will do something similar.  It would pay to check this out when voting today if you want to keep your rebates going.  I am choosing to research a party that supports Natural Medicine as an integrative approach to mainstream medicine.

Now for the topic at hand.

Coughs this season have proven to be early and tenacious, with the first onset starting off in March this year.  As I do for each year, I keep a track on the patterns that coughs are taking in my patients as they often follow a very clear presentation when it comes to homeopathic prescribing.

Interestingly I have had a couple of whooping cough patients for example this past fortnight who have presented quite differently in some of their symptoms and similar in many others.  I wanted to tag a few features of homeopathic remedies that I have been using a lot in clinic to help alleviate the cough and move the patient into a phase of recovery their bodies can manage well.  Not all coughs are built the same, despite the same diagnosis, each person will present slightly differently and this will also depend on the stage of their condition.

Here are a few common cough remedies used this season so far to match their presenting symptoms:

Kali Bichromium (Kali Bich) - often used for a stringy choking mucus in the throat where a cough dislodges part of the phlegm but leaves another part behind, causing the patient to cough hard in the throat to continue moving it.  The patient can be irritable and have nasal mucus that is ropy and bland to green in colour.

Coccus Cacti - a classic second stage whooping cough remedy used to manage a more tenacious cough that causes the patient to have to lean forward to complete the cough cycle, with streaming eyes and a red congested face.  The cough is hard, persistent and not much mucus is initially coughed up but there is much felt in the chest.

Bryonia - a burning heavy  chest with a hard cough that brings chunky olive green or blood stained mucus often is the calling card for Bryonia.  The patient also often has dry lips and a burning thirst, and prefers to lie in a semi erect position.  Pains are relieved by warmth and deep pressure.

Ipecac - a cough that is quite wet and rolling in the chest with little expectoration calls for Ipecac.  In its non homeopathic form this medicine was also used to induce vomiting in poison cases, so homeopathically it can be well called for if the coughing is creating a vomiting picture.

Drosera - this cough is often dry and barking or hacking and almost always worse when lying down.  The patient gets a tickle in the throat that is excited by cold air and drinks and talking.  This is often an early stage whooping cough remedy in the dry phases.

So as you can see, not every cough needs the same approach, just like not every patient needs the same treatment program.  Don't suffer unnecessarily this Winter!

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