Nothing Good Ever Comes From Rushing

Good wet and bleak Saturday.

We all know what it's like to feel rushed, pushed and 'mooshed' as a result. We can sometimes get wrapped up in the pace knowing that our to do list only grows longer tomorrow if we don't take it all on today. Life is about no if the goal posts and giving yourself permission to do so for self preservation.

If you think about it - nothing good ever comes from rushing a task. The end result is usually shabby, half done or needs a do over later. Damage control in relationships both work and personal are often inevitable.

Over these next few weeks before business winds right down- observe your rush and put a plan together to slow your inside task master down. Your future self will thank you for it.

Speaking of winding down business - my last clinic day for 2015 will be Friday 18th and I will be starting back up again on Monday 11th January 2016.

Please contact me by 17th to stock up on anything over the break. Should you miscalculate, some orders can be processed by mail over the break- it would be best to email me at to arrange those.

Until we see each other again (perhaps for your post party clean up and new year reset?) - stay well, rest well and Merry Christmas.