Planning Ahead Without the Anxiety

Good morning!

It is that time of the year where we can start to feel the end of the year just about upon us - knowing that like every other month, this one is about to slip past us in no time.  I don't know about you but I can sometimes recognise that little feeling of discomfort knowing that I have a new 12 months to get rolling into just as soon as the Christmas tree gets packed away.

Depending on how you look at it, planning ahead can be either an exciting prospect or a terrifying reality when it comes to facing the year to come.  Whichever way you see it, the fact remains that if you leave things to the last minute, you most likely will consistently feel a level of anxiety from the pressure of cramming a lot into a small amount of time.

Nothing good ever comes from rushing - and when I say good I mean where the end result leaves everyone in tact, well nourished and reasonably relaxed from attending to the task at hand.  Sure, you may just scrape it in and meet the minimal requirements - but was that how you envisaged getting the job done?  We can often impose our 'last minutes' onto others when we haven't successfully planned ahead ourselves and this can contribute to a cascading domino effect of anxiously busy people within and around us.

This is simply not sustainable work or life practice.

An obvious solution to this is to take some time out to put into action a planning day or few hours so that you get to really see the way you would like to have things unfold in your life and even get a head start on building some of the infrastructure and in roads on getting there by the end of the following year.  How good would it feel if you got to the end of 2018 and on reflection, had a year where things mostly flowed well and resulted in a close match to your intended outcome?  I know how I feel when this happens and it makes me want more! Of course, life will still throw some curve balls but when you give yourself some time to embed a clear picture, even a sudden adverse event won't throw your dream off course for too long.

I have recently completed Advanced Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping and have found this is a very powerful tool to use when dispelling doubt that you can achieve your dreams and goals.  When used well, this is a gentle and powerful way to return yourself to peace - and in goal setting a game changer when it comes to shifting blocks to your success.

With this in mind, I am hosting a workshop on 26th November on the Gold Coast where you get to build your plan onto canvass (no artistic expertise required) and design exactly the picture (s) of what your 2018 would look like if it came to life before your very eyes.  The tapping will be used to guide you around your road blocks to success, and the location will inspire you to dream in expansive terms - and we will use this as a tool too.

It promises to be a wonderful day where you get to reserve some time to plan ahead without anxiety - in fact whilst dispelling anxiety - as you set your intention in motion. This is perfect for all ages - and especially great when you, your team or your children are going to be experiencing milestone changes.

Come and join us and get a head start on your 2018!  Families, singles and teams welcome.