Pre Christmas Survival Tips

Good weekend!

If it hasn’t already started for you, then you’re in luck – this piece could mean the difference between staying awake by the time you sit down at your Christmas turkey and falling asleep under the tree! For some of us from the end of November through to work break (and beyond to New Year), it is a busy social time with weekends often completely packed with back to back functions, parties and gatherings. Why we do this to ourselves year after year I don’t know, but it seems to be a mainstay in our diaries - so we may as well embrace it and do our best.  To manage a balance in your health, whilst drinking and eating yourself into blissful oblivion on the treats offered by your hosts as well as the hectic time schedule, I suggest you support your body in the following way:

  1. Tag team with your partner/travelling companions for who is drinking alcohol and who is driving, and alternate alcohol ingestion at back to back parties, ie if you are drinking at the first, have mineral water or juice at the second and so on.
  2. If you are intending on drinking consistently at the event, and your health allows for it, consider taking some liver herbs and a probiotic capsule before you start drinking, another dose of herbs when you come home and a waking dose the following day.
  3. Drink plenty of water between alcohol drinks if you need to pace yourself for a long night. If you are starting out fatigued, take a dose of high potency magnesium and Co Enzyme Q10 and off you go.
  4. Don’t just rely on a drink of milk to get you through the night, ensure you have a good meal before you start drinking, and a decent snack before you finish drinking.
  5. If you suspect you have candida or a gut bacterial imbalance (some symptoms are bloating, smelly gas, discomfort after eating, fullness after eating) and are worried about breath alcohol testing, consider that this sugar loving organism can add to the amount of acetylaldehyde your body produces when it breaks down alcohol – this is often why some people read higher levels on a breath test!
  6. If you do over do the alcohol and wind up with a nasty head the next morning, keep hydrating yourself, take some electrolytes and liver herbs throughout the day and you will pull up much better than if you don’t!
  7. Book a massage or some pampering treatment to get you through the next few weeks with calm clarity and a relaxed mind.  If you are really pushed - adrenal and nerve support herbs to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system (calms and relaxes you) may be necessary.
  8. To fully bridge the ageing gap between having a hard hit on the turps and looking your best for a fresh new year – start taking Resveratrol, Curcumin and Quercetin mix – available in tablet form – it will go a long way to protecting your body from the tell tale ageing signs of a seasoned party goer!

Remember – to enjoy this festive time, it is not necessary to hammer your body with substances to show the world you love Christmas (or commiserate your year) – be kind to yourself and stay safe – do Christmas and New Year with some smarts this year.


*Next Friday night I am hosting a Thermomix Party if you are interested in coming along to see it in action.  Shoot me an email if you would like to come along so I can ensure we have enough food for you all!  This weekend I am hosting a number of home shopping events so feel free to come to others or stay the weekend (costs involved for overnight stays).  Let's do this Christmas in a relaxed, fun and healthy way!